UFO files: Huge flying jellyfish spotted over Scotland

Harrier jets in a dogfight with a "bright light" above the Queen's Highland home at Balmoral and a glowing white ball "like a flying jellyfish" over East Kilbride are among the alleged UFO sightings made to the Ministry of Defence.

Prestwick, we have a problem: the UFO files

EYEWITNESS accounts of unidentified flying objects following planes above Scottish airports and claims by hillwalkers of close encounters atop remote Highland mountain ranges are among thousands of newly declassified documents released by the National Archives today.

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It came from outer space . . and paid the Lothians a visit

THEY are the once-secret files which many believe prove that the truth is indeed out there - in the Lothians.

Churchill covered up UFO close encounter claim

SIR Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files revealed today.

Could Livingston UFO sighting be connected to an experiment in Wales?

A UFO sighting in Livingston - spotted during last month's volcanic ash shutdown of the country's airspace - is causing a stir amongst enthusiasts who believe it could be connected to a unique experiment carried out on in Wales.

That's enough about little green men's UFOs, say grey ministry men

THE Ministry of Defence will destroy all future UFO reports it receives so it does not have to make them public, a previously secret memo has revealed.

In pictures: The Toblerone that came from outer space, and other UFO sightings

The truth is out there … and now a close encounter with the MoD's X-Files reveals details of UFO sightings over Scotland

More close encounters but UFO line is axed

THERE appears to be more of them out there... but we'll never know for sure. Scotland saw a massive increase in UFO sightings last year – just as the Ministry of Defence cut off its UFO hotline.

Credit Crunch closes down MoD's UFO investigation office

The Ministry of Defence has closed its UFO investigation unit, it was revealed today.

Alien assault mystery 'no hoax' says expert

A MAN described as a "human lie detector" has said the West Lothian man who claimed he was assaulted by aliens 30 years ago was telling the truth.

UFO sighting deserves a memorial say campaigners

IT HAS been described as one of the most significant UFO sightings in history, yet all that marks the mysterious close encounter is a small pile of rocks.

MoD's secret UFO files tell of 'alien Toblerones' over Scotland

ON A dark night, in the middle of an electric storm, a motorist in Dumfriesshire had an unnerving encounter with what appeared to be beings from another world.

Q&A: Duncan Forgan on the 38,000 alien civilisations that could be out there

The Edinburgh University astrophysicist behind research that predicts there could be 38,000 alien civilisations in our galaxy spells out how he came to that figure, and whether we are likely to get a message from outer space.

Scientists claim our galaxy could host as many as 38,000 intelligent civilisations

AS MANY as 38,000 alien civilisations could exist in our galaxy, all with the potential to make contact with Earth, scientists have claimed.

Don't expect little green men, but there really could be life on Mars

FOR centuries, man has gazed into space and wondered: "Are we alone?" Now, following a five-year study of Mars, Nasa has come up with the most compelling evidence yet to suggest we may not be. For deep below the Martian surface, it seems, something might be stirring.

Failed blade theory cited in UFO mystery

The mysterious severance of a wind turbine blade may have been caused by a mechanical failure, an expert said today.

Balloon goes up on UFO sightings

UFO sightings in the skies above Inverness turned out to be tiny hot-air balloons used during St Andrew's Day celebrations.

MoD files record near-miss between passenger jet and brown missile-shaped UFO among host of unexplained sightings

Newly-released Ministry of Defence (MoD) files reveal a passenger jet approaching London had a near miss with an unidentified flying object.

RAF officer breaks 37-year silence on UFO radar mystery

IT IS a close encounter of the official kind. A former RAF officer has claimed that UFOs are real and may have invaded UK airspace, branding official resistance to such theories as "stupid and arrogant".

Truth about life on Mars moves closer as water found in soil sample

NASA's Phoenix lander spacecraft has for the first time identified water in a sample of soil collected from the surface of Mars.

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