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TV reviews

TV preview: Jamie's Food Revolution Hits Hollywood | Doctor Who

Welcome back, my friends, to the campaign that never ends. Although I've never doubted his good intentions, I sometimes wonder whether Jamie Oliver regrets making his transition from humble TV cookery berk to globetrotting messiah of nutritional munificence.

TV preview: Exile | The Shadow Line | Psychoville

Idon't know about you - and frankly I don't want to - but I've noticed a distinctly welcome upswing in the standard of British TV drama of late.

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TV review: Game of Thrones | The Hotel | Meet the Middletons

GAME OF THRONES Sky Atlantic Monday, 9pm THE HOTEL Channel 4 Sunday, 8pm MEET THE MIDDLETONS Channel 4 Monday, 9pm

TV review: Doctor Who | United | In Treatment

DOCTOR WHO Today, BBC1, 6pm UNITED Tomorrow, BBC2, 9pm IN TREATMENT Friday, Sky Atlantic, 10:15pm

On the box: Waking The Dead | True Stories: Guilty Pleasures | If Walls Could Talk

AS USUAL, Waking The Dead came with a warning. "There will be scenes which some viewers may find disturbing."

TV preview: Game of Thrones

MORE than two years ago I interviewed David Benioff at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, and although the subject then was his excellent novel, City Of Thieves, about the siege of Leningrad, it was a battle of a different kind that was then occupying his mind.

TV review: Room at the Top | Campus | The Crimson Petal and the White

ROOM AT THE TOP BBC4 Thursday, 9pm CAMPUS Channel 4 Tuesday, 10pm THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE BBC2 Wednesday, 9pm

TV review: Baboons with Bill Bailey

Baboons with Bill Bailey STV, 8pm

TV preview: Room At The Top | The Crimson Petal And The White | Candy Cars | Louis Theroux: America's Most Hated Family In Crisis

Whoever was responsible for naming BBC4's Modern Love Season must've had a will of iron to resist giving it the more apt title of "How We Used to Hump".

TV review: Neil Morrissey: Care Home Kid | Martina Cole's The Runaway | 32 Brinkburn Street

Neil Morrissey: Care Home Kid Monday, BBC2, 9pm Martina Cole's The Runaway Thursday, Sky1, 9pm 32 Brinkburn Street Monday-Friday, BBC1, 2.15pm

On the box: Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags | Twenty Twelve | The Secret World of Whitehall

THERE was a key moment early on in Lily Allen: From Riches To Rags where some pop fans explained the appeal of the about-to-be-retired star.

TV preview: Bored To Death

AS A novelist and essayist, Brooklyn-based author Jonathan Ames used to get two responses to his work.

TV preview: Christopher And His Kind | Women in Love | Limmy's Show

Spring has sprung and BIG DRAMA is blooming on the Beeb, with two this week arriving in a blaze of costumed (though frequently naked) glory.

TV review: Wonders of the Universe | Monroe | The British at Work


TV review: Twenty Twelve | The Clydebank Blitz

Twenty Twelve Monday, BBC 4, 10pm The Clydebank Blitz Tomorrow, BBC1, 6pm

On the box: Jamie's Dream School | The Story Of Variety | Love Thy Neighbour

I'D LIKE to see David Starkey call Henry VIII fat. But no, the famous historian, an expert on the Tudors, had to insult a teenage boy disillusioned by education.

TV review: Music on Four: Sounds from the Cities


TV preview: Civilization | Wonders of the Universe | The Sky At Night | The Culture Show

On 28 February 1969, the BBC unveiled Civilization, Kenneth Clark's landmark history of Western ascendancy since the Middle-Ages.

On the box: Silk | South Riding | The Model Agency

SILK BBC1 Tuesday, 9pm SOUTH RIDING BBC1 Sunday, 9pm THE MODEL AGENCY Channel 4 Wednesday, 10pm

On the box: Treme | Toughest Place to be a . . . Paramedic | The Brits

I WAS the last man on earth to get into The Wire. Truth be told, I'm still watching the final season. And yet it's been so long since the show ended that spoiler alerts have been lifted, so I must continue to tread warily through the rest of popular culture, lest another part of the great narrative is ruined for me.

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