Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

Coach accuses Baxters of lacking hunger after slalom slip-up

BRITAIN'S Alain Baxter was finally released from his Olympic nightmare with his 16th place from the cauldron of Saturday evening's floodlit Men's Slalom but he finished disappointed not to have done better. Also unhappy was the British skiing coach who, after witnessing 16th and 20th-place finishes for Alain and his brother Noel, questioned the Scottish siblings' hunger.

Di Centa's gold a fitting finale for Turin Games

ITALIAN cross-country skier Giorgio di Centa provided a perfect climax for the Turin Winter Olympics yesterday, fuelling celebrations to close the 20th Games.

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No rewards for Baxter

IT WOULD have been the perfect Hollywood ending but just like the movie that shares his name, Highlander Alain Baxter's Olympic sequel will go straight to video. It could have been so different, a tale to have scriptwriters typing into the small hours and casting agents wooing A-listers at high-powered breakfast meetings.

Russia's Olympic party wins the cool war

OUTSIDE the Russia House, headquarters for the country's Olympic delegation in Turin, a horde of people gathered at the entryway, looking frozen and distraught.

Olympic dreams melt with the snow

THE problem with snow is the mess it leaves behind when it melts and these Winter Olympics certainly ended on a distinctly sludgy note. They had promised so much but in the end, barring any miracles at Sestriere or Palavela last night, they'll end with the overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

Let's spell it out: Torino is the only place to enjoy fun and games

TORINO or Turin, the thorny question that has divided these Olympics since day one.

Murdoch and his curlers are down after Turin failure

DAVID MURDOCH sounded a sad lament for Great Britain's Olympic curling campaign but insisted he'd be back to put right the wrong.

Baxter has one shot at redemption

WITH just two days remaining of the Winter Olympics the Turin Games are still seeking their defining moment, glorious or poignant, heroic or dastardly. With the exception of the Austrian cross-country skiing coach Walter Mayer's theatrical dash across the Italian border, proceedings have so far lacked a dramatic edge.

US sweep Britons aside to win bronze

DAVID Murdoch's curlers ended their Winter Olympic campaign empty-handed in fourth place following an 8-6 defeat to the USA in yesterday's bronze-medal play-off.

Noel ready to emerge from older brother's shadows

PEAKING at the Olympic Games is never easy but Noel Baxter seems to have reached his best form at just the right time. Last week he produced two world-class slalom runs which helped him to 14th-place finish in the men's combined event, the best ever British result for a male skier in this discipline.

MacDonald roars back as GB seek curling bronze

SCOTS curler Ewan MacDonald looks a new man after overcoming his semi-final disappointment.

Han hands China their first skiing gold medal

HAN Xiaopeng yesterday became China's first Olympic gold medallist in freestyle skiing when he won the men's aerials on the penultimate jump at the Turin Games.

Murdoch's men must lift the gloom

DAVID Murdoch's curlers, still upset at missing out on the chance to go for gold, decided yesterday that the best thing to do the morning after the night before was get back onto the ice here in Pinerolo.

Ice hockey's big two bow to Europeans

THE United States and Canada, traditionally superpowers when it comes to men's ice hockey, were yesterday trying to pinpoint why their Winter Olympic hopes failed this time round.

Brits not Finnished as Murdoch eyes curling bronze

BOUNCING back is the buzz phrase for David Murdoch after Britain's semi-final curling defeat last night.

Baxter boys' mixed fortunes

OF THE British skiers competing, it was Noel Baxter who emerged with the most encouraging result from the Europa Cup Slalom in Madesimo, Italy, yesterday, the final warm-up event before Saturday's Olympic Men's Slalom in Sestriere.

Authorities aware that new wave of cheating is in blood

THEY call it blood on feet. You are an Olympic athlete. You bring a friend to the Games. The friend donates blood. You inject it, it increases your oxygen-rich red blood cells and you perform better. A simple procedure that requires no drugs - but which is banned under world sports rules and which can be deadly.

Golden chance gone as Finns foil Murdoch in last-stone drama

DAVID Murdoch's curling team of Euan Byers, Warwick Smith and Ewan MacDonald will be fighting for bronze medals tomorrow after Great Britain's agonising 3-4 semi-final defeat to Finland yesterday evening.

Austrian coach stirs up Games doping scandal

EVIDENCE is mounting that a banned Austrian ski coach may have stirred up a major doping scandal at the Olympics.

Murdoch looks to Martin to inspire curling gold

DAVID MURDOCH does not require much motivation but, if he's looking for inspiration, he only need look to a familiar figure sitting in the stands.

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