Gaddafi forces captured in Tunisia as mines laid to blockade Misrata

Libyan forces in more than a dozen military vehicles armed with anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers crossed into Tunisia yesterday, as fighting with rebels raged along the country's western frontier.

France keeps border shut as refugee crisis grows

France has defended its decision to temporarily shut its borders to trains from Italy, in a sign of a deepening conflict in the European Union over its response to a refugee crisis in North Africa.

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Train carrying Tunisians from Italy stopped at French border

A TRAIN carrying Tunisian immigrants from Italy was halted at the French border yesterday in an escalation of an international dispute over the fate of North African migrants fleeing political unrest for refuge in Europe.

French opt to send back Tunisian migrants

AN INTERNATIONAL dispute over a surge of Tunisian immigrants has escalated after the French foreign minister told Italy to send the migrants home instead of allowing them to travel to neighbouring nations.

Tunisian refugees fail to find welcome in EU

Germany and France offered little help to Italy yesterday when it asked for assistance in handling what it called a "human tsunami" of thousands of Tunisians fleeing their country for Europe via Italy.

Senior Tunisian officials arrested

Tunisian authorities have arrested three senior officials who were close to fallen president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Mother and daughter flee violent father with refugees

FEAR of a violent partner can drive people to desperate measures as the case of a German mother and her nine-year-old daughter highlights. Tina Rothkamm, 41, was discovered hiding with daughter Amira Jasmine among Tunisian refugees who fled to a tiny Italian island.

New ministers for Tunisia

Tunisia's prime minister named a new government yesterday and a much-hated police unit was disbanded.

Ribal al-Assad: Syrian reforms too weak to fend off tide of change

WITH the Tunisian and Egyptian regimes gone and street protests roiling cities from Algiers to Tehran, many people are now wondering which domino might fall next.

Tunisia crisis continues as three more ministers quit

Three Tunisian ministers resigned yesterday, leaving the caretaker government which took over power after the president was ousted teetering on the brink of collapse.

Tunisia blunders force French foreign minister to quit

Michele Alliot-Marie has resigned as French foreign minister after a series of gaffes over Tunisia that embarrassed president Nicolas Sarkozy and dragged his poor poll ratings even lower.

Embattled PM gives in to 'Jasmine Revolution'

Tunisia's embattled prime minister has resigned, bowing to a key demand of protesters after at least five people died in new unrest in the North African country.

Ben Ali stashed 'wads of cash' behind bookcase

FALLEN Tunisian dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, 74, had the equivalent of more than £100 million in cash hidden behind a bookcase in one of his homes, it has been revealed.

Tunisia acts on 'biblical exodus' of refugees

TUNISIA has deployed soldiers to stop a tide of illegal immigrants trying to reach Italy, after Rome said a revolution in the north African country had set off a "biblical exodus".

Police beat protesters as Iran feels effect of Egyptian revolt

TENS of thousands of protesters clashed with police in central Tehran yesterday as security forces beat and fired tear gas at opposition supporters calling for solidarity with Egypt's popular revolt.

Protest ripples spread on across region

THE tremors from the uprising in Egypt continue to be felt around the Middle East and North Africa, with protests continuing in several nations and warnings of further demonstrations to come.

Fleeing Tunisians heading for Italy

Hundreds of Tunisians landed on the Sicilian island on Lampedusa yesterday, swelling the numbers of illegal migrants arriving on Italian shores in the last few days to well over 4,000.

Terror fear as Tunisians flee

Hundreds of Tunisians have fled the chaos in their homeland and arrived by boat on a tiny Italian island, prompting Rome to demand the European Union take stronger action to prevent an uncontrolled wave of migrants from North Africa.

Jordan's king told 'keep queen out of politics' or face riots

Jordanian Bedouin tribal figures have issued a petition urging King Abdullah to end his Palestinian wife's role in politics, in a new challenge to the monarch grappling with fallout from uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

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