TUC conference

TUC conference

'Devil' King set to face tough questions at TUC conference

A UNION leader has claimed inviting the Bank of England Governor to the TUC conference today is like Christians asking "the devil" to address them.

Unions plot revenge over Brown pay snub

BRITAIN's biggest trade unions are preparing to inflict an embarrassing defeat on Gordon Brown at the Labour Party conference, after the Prime Minister flatly snubbed their demands for higher public-sector pay.

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Membership slide is halted

TRADE union membership has stabilised at about 6.5 million in recent years after steady falls during the years of Conservative governments in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Employers must act to defuse 'demographic time bomb' says TUC report

MORE than a million older workers cannot get a job as employers will not invest in training, a report by the TUC today claimed.

Blair aims to build bridges with unions in TUC speech

TONY Blair is expected to hold out a pre-election olive branch to the unions today, telling them that he wants their full participation in preparing the next Labour manifesto.

Blair accused of return to spin over TUC speech

EFFORTS by Downing Street to shed its reputation for spin came unstuck yesterday amid allegations that Tony Blair had toned down a speech to union leaders at the TUC conference.

Labour turning its back on old allies

A SENIOR government minister made the frank admission yesterday that relations between Labour and the trade unions have deteriorated because of the party’s links with big business.

Unions blast Blair over NHS and Iraq

LABOUR was facing a series of fresh attacks from unions today over foundation hospitals and the UK’s involvement in the war against Iraq.

Brown tell unions he won't back down

TONY Blair and his Chancellor, Gordon Brown, joined forces yesterday to deliver a blunt message to the TUC that Labour had no intention of caving into union demands by abandoning its controversial public sector policies.

No 78 Fat cats

"SHUT up or ship out" were the words used by TUC general secretary Brendan Barber on the eve of this year’s annual TUC congress.

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