Top up fees and student finance

Top up fees and student finance

Uni Court backs students

THE University of Edinburgh Court has joined forces with students to call on the UK Government to reverse its higher education policies.

English universities 'will have to cut student fees'

FEARS over Scottish universities suffering from a funding gap compared with rivals south of the Border are set to ease after a leading think-tank warned many English institutions will face having to cut fees within two years to avoid losing students.

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Poor Scottish students are the poorest in UK, bank study reveals

Students in Scotland survive on less income than any others in the rest of the UK - and are more likely to have to take paid work alongside their studies to make ends meet.

Students facing rent rises of up to 8% as demand for property grows

STUDENTS in Scotland are facing a rent rise of up to 8 per cent as the cost of accommodation continues to increase.

Many students will never pay back loans

MANY English graduates are unlikely to ever pay back their tuition fee loans, regardless of the cost of their course, it has been claimed.

Visa system could put new students off Scotland

UNIVERSITIES will be "adversely and unduly" affected by planned changes to the student visa system, according to a Westminster committee.

Fees drive gap year off agenda

THE number of students deferring university places to 2012 has dropped by almost two-thirds, as youngsters try to avoid the tuition fee hikes, new figures show.

Lib Dem defector 'horrified' over fees

FORMER Liberal Democrat councillor Elaine Morris has said she defected to the SNP in protest at her former party's actions in the UK coalition.

Analysis: Announcement is another step towards sustainable settlement

OFFA's announcement is another step towards a sustainable funding settlement which enables universities to make our full contribution to Scotland's economic success and social cohesion.

SNP faces fresh questions over free tuition as gap hits £263m

The SNP government has come under renewed pressure to publish details of its plans to keep university education free after new figures revealed a looming £263 million financial timebomb.

Fresh attack on fees for English students

The vast majority of the British public believe it is unfair that English students are charged at Scottish universities while Scots and EU students are not, according to a survey.

Applications slump at Scots universities

SCOTTISH universities have received 5,000 fewer applications from students south of the Border wanting to take their degrees in Scotland amid claims that the recession and uncertainty over fees are causing undergraduates to stay closer to home.

MPs look at changing law in bid to scupper SNP's tuition fees plan

SNP plans to charge English and Welsh students up to £36,000 for a degree in Scotland - while Scottish students go free - could be derailed by equality legislation at Westminster.

Students say fees a breach of human rights

ENGLISH students have contacted the country's equality tsar to complain about laws which could see them pay up to £9,000 a year to attend a Scottish university while Scottish students pay nothing.

Fees of up to £9,000 for UK students at Scottish universities

Scottish universities will be allowed to charge students from other parts of the UK fees of up to £9,000 each year under Scottish Government proposals.

Letter: University cuts are damaging for society

With the government's much publicised aspirations to create a "big society" I am rapidly losing the will to live in this big, brave, new world.

Fifty days of strikes for Telford

More than 50 days of strike action will take place from Wednesday over plans to cut 50 jobs at Edinburgh's Telford College.

Protests at two Scottish universities as ruling bodies plan to cut courses

ANGRY protests broke out yesterday over plans to cut courses at two of Scotland's largest universities.

Frances Cairncross: Learn from English mistake

In the first of a four-part series on higher education from the David Hume Institute, the rector of Exeter College, Oxford, looks at a possible Scottish solution to the university funding crisis

Academic says Scottish graduate tax must follow

A LEADING education thinker has proposed Scotland follow England's example and introduce a graduate tax.

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