Tonya Macari

Tonya Macari

Dressing up my quest for newest fashions

AS nothing galvanises us girls on the grooming front quite like a walk up the aisle, Camilla Parker Bowles is sure to be spending a sizeable slice of the next ten days holed up at a health spa having her hair, skin and nails buffed to perfection in preparation for her big day.

I'm shelling out for off-the-shelf Easter eggstacy

AS a member of Generation Permanently Busy, the handiest handbook in my kitchen has to be one of Delia Smith’s earliest concoctions called How to Cheat at Cooking.

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Countless costs do add up when toddlers attack

AS bringing up a baby costs more than just a bob or two, feeling permanently penniless seems to be par for the course for those of us who embark on parenthood.

The Easter Bunny will keep me out of the doghouse

LIVING with a load of animal lovers who are desperate for a dog can be a tad tricky for those of us who aren’t particularly passionate about pets.

Mother's Day is for keeps if you are at our place

WITH only five days to go until Mother’s Day, preparations for one of the major events in your columnist’s calendar appear to be going to plan.

Fluffy females have no interest in boys' toys

BRINGING up boys and tomboys, can, I reckon, be something of a trial for females who fall firmly and fluffily into the "girly girl" category.

Panic not, there's always Scrabble and SpongeBob

HO hum - here we go again. Although it only seems like five minutes since the rabble returned to their classrooms after the Christmas hiatus, the school half-term - and accompanying headache for the many working mums who are unable to take the whole week off - has arrived.

I'm not too cold to shed farewell tear for winter

SPRING, if the signs popping up in our neck of the north Edinburgh woods are anything to go by, looks like it may be on the verge of springing into life.

Chemistry all right, but not learnt at school

AS someone who has "struggles with science and maths" stamped on school reports, bungling attempts with Bunsen burners and failure to grasp mathematical formulae meant a career as an astrophysicist or statistician was never going to be an option.

Why avoiding the job makes it all the more taxing

MAN-ABOUT-OUR-HOUSE is a fan of putting things off for as long as possible. This, according to he who is a fully paid-up member of the leave-it-till-later society, is because the stronger sex are naturally "laid back" and don’t need to be nagged or nudged into action. Whereas women, of course, like to label this trait "laziness".

It's fun to be made a fuss of

IT seems to be a fact of life that we females get accused of being fussy by our less picky partners.

No rush to cure Hurried Woman Syndrome

finds a minute to contemplate all that multi-tasking

Gut-oot's easier to stomach than the Davina diet

WELL, how was it for you? Did you spend Hogmanay harmoniously singing along to the Scissor Sisters in Princes Street Gardens and hugging strangers on Hanover Street?

Why I've given up on giving up until New Year

SO what did you get for Christmas this year? Whether Santa left scented soap, socks or a pair of Homer Simpson slippers in your stocking, since the typical Christmas Day menu serves up a whopping 7312 calories, it’s likely that you also ended up with a bulging belly and a bout of indigestion.

Why intercepting Santa's mail is for a good Claus

AS well as the office party, the school Nativity play and a trip to see the Happy Gang at the Usher Hall, one of my favourite festive occasions has got to be my uncle’s Christmas Eve knees-up, which traditionally features feasting, a table tennis tournament (which I’ve a habit of coming last in) and the annual Macari general knowledge quiz.

It's a wonderful life when all's just child's play

WITH only "ten more sleeps" until a special sleigh draws to a halt at our Santa-please-stop-here sign, the build-up to the big day has reached fever pitch in our house - and it’s not just four hyped-up children who are fit to burst.

The season to be jolly busy if you're female

WITH the Winter Wonderland up and running on Princes Street, and George Street glowing with Christmas lights, ‘tis definitely the season to be jolly. Which translates as jolly busy if you happen to be female.

Mum's the word when it comes to favourites

THOUSANDS of people learning English were asked to come up with their favourite words in the language. When it comes to beautiful words, I can certainly come up with a few of my own.

Dad's the way to do it for utter embarrassment

KEEPING the kids quiet during our cold, wet, miserable winter certainly keeps us parents busy. Like most modern-day mums, who are trying to work, wade through the washing mountain or work out wot’s ’appenin’ in Walford, restraining the rabble from rampaging around the house usually means resorting to the usual recipe for racket reduction - that is, handing over control of the PlayStation console along with the promise of pocket money increases and pizza for tea.

Why bringing up baby brings out best in men Tonya Macari

MAN about my house is feeling fair chuffed with himself at the moment.

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