Tony Blair's leadership

Tony Blair's leadership

Iraq inquiry 'unravelling Blair deceit' claims SNP

TONY BLAIR'S "tapestry of deceit" over the Iraq war is "unravelling", it has been claimed.

Tony Blair didn't trust his own Cabinet and feared they would leak Iraq war details

Tony Blair failed properly to discuss plans to join the United States-led invasion of Iraq because he did not trust his Cabinet colleagues not to leak discussions, the UK's top civil servant said yesterday.

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Leader: Tony Blair's dereliction of duty laid bare

Going to war has such profound consequences that the decision to do so must be taken with the utmost concern for constitutional propriety and respect for democracy as well as the lives of service people. After the evidence given to the Chilcot Inquiry yesterday by Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet secretary, there is now no doubt Tony Blair flagrantly flouted constitutional practice and paid only lip-service to democratic accountability when he took the country into the Iraq conflict.

Letters: Tony Blair's Chilcot display a useful reminder

Tony Blair's faltering performance at the Chilcot inquiry, reinforced by Lord Goldsmith's revelation that an invasion of Iraq would be illegal without a fresh UN mandate, demonstrates that Labour's tapestry of deceit is falling apart (your report, 22 January).

David Maddox: Frosty reception but few regrets from the man who's legacy will be judged in history

THE slight shake of the hands as he fumbled through documents on the table before him underlined the pressure that Tony Blair is under.

Blair urged gung-ho stance over Saddam

TONY Blair urged a "gung-ho" stance to the Iraq War a year before troops actually went in it emerged yesterday as the former prime minister faced a second grilling at the Chilcot inquiry.

Iraq Inquiry: Tony Blair favoured 'gung ho' approach to regime change

TONY Blair told the Iraq Inquiry today that he had always made clear to US president George Bush that he would be "up for" regime change in the country if it was the only way of dealing with Saddam Hussein.

Mandarin links UK's woes to Tony Blair era

A FORMER civil service chief has revealed that Whitehall knew ministers were borrowing too much money as far back as five years ago, but were too scared to put the brakes on spending for fear of ruining Labour's reputation.

Mandela's 'fire-breathing' fury at Blair over Iraq invasion revealed

Nelson Mandela felt so betrayed by Tony Blair's decision to join the US-led invasion of Iraq that he launched a fiery tirade against him in a phone call to a Cabinet minister, it emerged today.

Book review: A Journey, by Tony Blair

(Hutchinson, 624pp, £25)

Protesters to target Tony Blair's Tate Modern party

ANTI-WAR campaigners will stage a protest today outside an art gallery where former prime minister Tony Blair is expected to attend a party to mark the launch of his new book.

Question of the week: Have Tony Blair's book revelations repaired his damaged image?

WELCOME to Scotland on Sunday's online feature, Question of the Week.

Two sides to every story: Tony Blair's memoirs reveal a man unable to resolve the many conflicting aspects of a complex personality

It was a bargain at the discounted price of £12.50 at which it was surprisingly available on the day of publication, but, unlike Winston Churchill, I doubt if Tony Blair will get the Nobel Prize for Literature for his memoirs.

Tony Blair's 'A Journey' on course to break sales records

BOOKSELLERS have today reported record-breaking sales of Tony Blair's revealing memoirs entitled 'A Journey'.

Tony Blair - Ireland: Lies in the name of peace

TONY Blair lied to prevent the collapse of the Northern Ireland peace process, he has admitted.

Tony Blair - Alastair Campbell: Tabloid tough nut

TONY Blair claimed he got "a genius" when he drafted in Alastair Campbell as his head of media, shortly after becoming Labour leader.

Tony Blair - Iraq: I still think we were right to go in

THE former PM defended his decision to go to war in Iraq, despite admitting he broke down in tears over the death toll from the conflict.

Tony Blair - New Labour: Move to left will bring even bigger defeat

LABOUR must re-embrace the values of New Labour that were lost under Gordon Brown if it wants to return to power, according to Tony Blair.

David Maddox: Soap opera: Bitterness, back-stabbing and a very dirty business indeed

THE fact that the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown went in various stages from being intimate to terminal is not exactly a secret.

Tony Blair memoirs: Blackmail and skulduggery at the heart of government

THE depth of the hatred that grew between the two central figures in Labour's 13 years in power has been exposed with the publication of Tony Blair's memoirs, in which he accused Gordon Brown of attempting to blackmail him.

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