Tony Blair's health

Tony Blair's health

Tony in good shape but Brown looks worn out

WHAT a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, Tony Blair reluctantly brought down the curtain on his time as prime minister, the British public having fallen out of love with him, his pursuit of war in Iraq and a decade of spin.

Targets row as hospital ends 'Blair' heart op

HOSPITAL chiefs were yesterday accused of sacrificing patients' welfare to meet targets after scrapping a routine treatment which cured Tony Blair's irregular heartbeat last year.

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PM in new health scare as hospital treats slipped disc

TONY Blair has been treated in hospital for a slipped disc after suffering chronic backache for many months, it emerged last night.

Blair recovering after heart treatment

TONY BLAIR was today recovering in Downing Street after undergoing hospital treatment for his recurring heart "flutter".

PM goes in for heart op buoyed by poll win

TONY BLAIR went into hospital for heart treatment today buoyed by a Labour victory in the Hartlepool by-election.

Life in highest office can put a great strain on health

TONY Blair is the third Labour leader in 40 years - and the second in succession - to suffer serious heart problems.

Burning issues guarantee the stress level is unlikely to fall

TONY Blair’s in-tray will be overflowing by the time he returns to work, with each and every item sure to increase his stress levels still further.

A warning - now Premier needs more tests

IF I had a patient in Tony Blair’s position, my advice would be to avoid too much stress, to avoid pushing things too hard. But this is almost impossible to achieve when you are Prime Minister.

'I don't want to go on and on, but I do want to finish the job'

TONY Blair chose a one-to-one interview with Andrew Marr, the BBC’s political editor, to reveal the extent of his health problems and his intention to stand down before a fourth election as Prime Minister.

Blair haunted by his health problems

TONY Blair last night broke the best-kept secret in British politics, revealing that the heart condition that will hospitalise him today has been hanging over him and his premiership for months.

A picture of privacy

KEN Follett, millionaire author, incorrigible Labour luvvie and the most talkative Former Friend of the Blairs, has a favourite anecdote that lays bare the horror of being cast into exile by New Camelot and the golden couple at its core.

Blair heart scare 'cover-up' by No10

DOWNING Street was last night accused of a cover-up over the seriousness of Tony Blair’s recent heart scare.

Blair says health is 'fine'

PRIME Minister Tony Blair laughed off renewed concern over his health today.

Strain takes toll as Blair sees doctor twice in two days

TONY Blair’s health was under question again yesterday when Downing Street admitted he had seen doctors for a second time in two days after suffering stomach pains.

No 10 insists there is no health scare as Blair sees doctor

TONY Blair was checked over by a doctor yesterday after suffering stomach ache, Downing Street said last night.

No 10 evasive over Clinton talk of Blair's heart scare

CONFUSION surrounded Tony Blair’s health last night after his official spokesman refused to deny outright reports that he had told the former US president, Bill Clinton, about his heart problems "a few years ago".

Little in the way of light duties in PM's full diary

FOR a man supposedly on "light duties" Tony Blair’s diary yesterday was remarkably packed.

Can a high flier survive a heart scare?

THE contrast between the pale, drawn, tired-looking man who has graced our television screens of late and the youthful leader who stepped into 10 Downing Street in 1997, brimming with energy and idealism, could hardly be more marked.

Why prime ministers put pressure on themselves

JAMES Callaghan once said: "Being Prime Minister is the easiest job in the world. Everyone else has an instrument to play. You just stand there and conduct."

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