Tony Blair - A Journey

Tony Blair - A Journey

Tony Blair 'knew about torture'

Lawyers claim secret government documents show Tony Blair knew as early as January 2002 of allegations of torture involving UK nationals held in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

West Bank 'ripe for tourism push'

Former prime minister Tony Blair said last night that the West Bank was ripe for a "major joint marketing campaign" with Israel to promote tourism to the Holy Land.

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Tony Blair 'reached end of his shelf life'

Tony Blair's "journey" took him on the classic path of politicians and other leaders who reach the end of their "shelf life", it was claimed today.

Tony Blair tells Bill Clinton, thanks for your help

Tony Blair yesterday honoured former United States President Bill Clinton, saying his help had been essential when dealing with the Kosovo conflict and the Northern Ireland peace process.

Book review: A Journey, by Tony Blair

(Hutchinson, 624pp, £25)

Blair forced to call off book party

Tony Blair was forced to call off a party last night arranged to mark the launch of his new book, saying it would be "frightening" for his friends to have to walk past anti-war protesters.

Blair graces ITV sofa, but backs off from book-signing session

Tony Blair has cancelled a high-profile signing session of his new memoir in central London amid concerns over planned protests.

'Lacking moral courage' and 'malign' - ex-army chief on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

The former head of the army has accused Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of letting down British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tony Blair set for ITV's new morning show hosted by ex-Beeb stars

Tony Blair was to join Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles on the sofa today as the country wakes up to a new early morning television show.

Question of the week: Have Tony Blair's book revelations repaired his damaged image?

WELCOME to Scotland on Sunday's online feature, Question of the Week.

Two sides to every story: Tony Blair's memoirs reveal a man unable to resolve the many conflicting aspects of a complex personality

It was a bargain at the discounted price of £12.50 at which it was surprisingly available on the day of publication, but, unlike Winston Churchill, I doubt if Tony Blair will get the Nobel Prize for Literature for his memoirs.

Tony Blair - Ireland: Lies in the name of peace

TONY Blair lied to prevent the collapse of the Northern Ireland peace process, he has admitted.

Tony Blair - Alastair Campbell: Tabloid tough nut

TONY Blair claimed he got "a genius" when he drafted in Alastair Campbell as his head of media, shortly after becoming Labour leader.

Tony Blair - Iraq: I still think we were right to go in

THE former PM defended his decision to go to war in Iraq, despite admitting he broke down in tears over the death toll from the conflict.

Tony Blair - New Labour: Move to left will bring even bigger defeat

LABOUR must re-embrace the values of New Labour that were lost under Gordon Brown if it wants to return to power, according to Tony Blair.

David Maddox: Soap opera: Bitterness, back-stabbing and a very dirty business indeed

THE fact that the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown went in various stages from being intimate to terminal is not exactly a secret.

Tony Blair memoirs: Blackmail and skulduggery at the heart of government

THE depth of the hatred that grew between the two central figures in Labour's 13 years in power has been exposed with the publication of Tony Blair's memoirs, in which he accused Gordon Brown of attempting to blackmail him.

Tony Blair: Cherie had an 'incredible instinct' for offending

Cherie Blair had an "incredible instinct" for offending powerful people and "didn't always help herself".

John McTernan on Tony Blair's memoirs: Shades of The Godfather . . . sexed up with Prescott's pelvic thrust at Prince Charles

Former key Blair aide John McTernan reviews the book and weighs its words against the reality of life as a 'staffer' in No10 Downing Street

Tony Blair: Resentment at scandals and tabloid revelations

SCANDALS that rocked the government were an area of increasing "resentment" for Tony Blair.

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