Tom Watt

Tom Watt

Cardiff paved with streets of gold for play-off wannabes

SHAMELESS opportunist of the week? Absolutely no contest. Step forward Gerry Steinberg, MP for Durham, who on Wednesday tabled a Commons motion on the subject of the use of video replays at football matches. As shabby attempts to endear yourself to your constituents go, using Parliament as the place to whinge about your local team’s goalkeeper getting buffeted in the build-up to a goal takes some beating.

Thai-up with Liverpool makes sound political sense in global game

A SEASON that kicked off with English football agog at the arrival of a Russian in London SW6 is drawing to its close with the back pages scrambling for detail on the Thai who seems set for a place in the boardroom at Anfield, Liverpool. Like Roman Abramovich, Thaksin Shinawatra, pictured, has a few baht of his own with which to back his ambitions, and as prime minister of Thailand it seems he may have his country’s GDP to dip into as well.

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