Tom Kitchin

Tom Kitchin

Chef savours guide success

A CITY chef is toasting success after his award-winning restaurant was named among the top 50 eateries in culinary bible The Good Food Guide.

Tom Kitchin: 'No other one date excites me quite the way the Glorious Twelfth does'

For me, the most special date in my food calendar is 12 August - known as the Glorious Twelfth. It's the date the first grouse arrive in Scotland and the signal for shooting to begin. It's one of the busiest days of the season, and one of the most thrilling.

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Tom Kitchin: Strawberry millefeuille | Strawberry sorbet

ICE cream always evokes memories of childhood visits to the seaside, or special holidays abroad. It's a food that most of us associate with happy times, and indeed fun times. It's one easy way to raise a smile in summer - no matter what the location or weather might be. Nothing quite says summer more than fresh, melting scoops of ice cream. Whenever people eat ice cream they seem to feel like a child again.

Tom Kitchin's summer recipes: Perfect barbeques

'I love to get creative on the grill. It's an ideal way to entertain and have fun with family and friends'

Tom Kitchin: Cooking with offal

THROWING food away is like throwing money away and we are all increasingly looking for ways to lower our food bills and avoid waste at home.

Tom Kitchin recipes: Chocolate pear | Braised rabbit leg with mustard sauce and tagliatelle

The arrival of spring always fills me with joy. It's a season to celebrate so many things - the lighter, brighter days, the fresh start, the family over for Easter feasts. For me, the most exciting part of all is the new produce the season introduces.

Tom Kitchin: 'The Royal wedding seems to turn people to thoughts of British classics'

THE upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has sent everyone wedding crazy. I've heard of lots of people planning their own celebrations for the day and, although I'll be busy preparing for lunch service at the restaurant, my wife has invited a few friends over to the house to watch the grand event.

Tom Kitchin recipes: 'Guilty pleasures are very individual but American classics seem to strike a chord'

I THINK, when it comes to food, everyone has a guilty pleasure - something they find too good to resist, even though they know they should.

Tom Kitchin: Mother's Day recipes

MOTHER'S Day provides the perfect excuse to spoil your mum - not to mention the mother of your children. With the lighter days here, and the first sign of spring flowers in the garden, it should be a cause for celebration and a great opportunity for a family get-together.

Tom Kitchin recipes: Uncover the treasures of sea kale

One of the things I really love about cooking is discovering something new. To me, it is all about creating different recipes and constantly looking for alternative food combinations and ingredients.

Tom Kitchin: 'Lamb kidneys on toast is a wonderful twist on the classic bacon roll'

When thinking of Scottish breakfasts, people around the world tend to picture the traditional big, greasy fry-up.

Tom Kitchin recipes: Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, is a favourite food celebration all over the English-speaking world - but particularly in Scotland, where we love the sweet variety.

Tom Kitchin recipes: 'There is a long tradition of making cheese in Scotland'

Here in Scotland, we should be proud of the variety and quality of the cheese we produce. Our group of artisan cheesemakers may be small, but these people are hugely talented and provide us with a wide and wonderful range of cheeses that can be enjoyed on their own and in all manner of great dishes.

Tom Kitchin: 'Historically, this has been held up as one of the great glories of haute cuisine'

The shooting season comes to an end on 31 January and most game falls out of season at this time, but hare can still be enjoyed for a very short period in February. Our Celebration of the Season menu boasts one of my most satisfying dishes – hare à la royale.

Tom Kitchin recipes: 'Tasting a truly fresh oyster is, in my eyes, one of the great wonders of the world. '

THEY say that food is the language of love, and there can be few better ways to anyone's heart than through the sensual pleasure of a delicious meal.

Tom Kitchin: 'I always love the way the house smells after hours of cooking a stew'

For most, the start of the year spells cold nights, comfort food, tightening the spending and dinner parties in - as opposed to dinner parties out.

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