Tom English

Tom English

Tom English wins rugby book of year prize

A BOOK by Scotland on Sunday and Scotsman sportswriter, Tom English, has been chosen the Best Rugby Book of the Year at a UK-wide sports book awards ceremony.

Tom English: 'Once again, Bain is training his guns on the wrong target'

Martin Bain must exist in his own small world within Murray Park, a little oasis that is cut off from those around him. This week, and for several weeks before, we have heard from Walter Smith on the subject of sectarian chanting.

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Tom English: 'Truth and reconciliation, not blame, is the way ahead'

Alastair Johnston's first week as Rangers chairman was an instructive one. We're going back to the autumn of 2009 here, but something he said back then is as vivid now as it was the minute he came out with it.

Tom English: 'If you're guilty, shooting the messenger is not going to make you innocent'

RIGHT, who did it? Who ratted them out? Has Hoopy the Huddle Hound accounted for his whereabouts on the nights of 10 March and 17 March this year?

Interview: Craig Brown - His Cup runneth over

He may be the oldest manager in British football but Craig Brown is still up for a fight and is relishing the chance to lock horns with Celtic today

Webchat as it happened: Tom English on the Rangers takeover

Award-winning sports writer Tom English hosted an online debate today about Craig Whyte's Rangers takeover bid.

Tom English: Rory McIlroy's lesson in dignity for Tiger Woods

The biggest defeat that Tiger Woods suffered at the weekend wasn't when he failed to build on a blistering outward nine on Sunday at Augusta but when he took the goodwill that people showed him and promptly threw it back in their face.

Tom English: 'There is no doubting what Johnston was getting at'

Imagine for a second you are Craig Whyte. Difficult, I know, but try and put yourself in that castle in Grantown or the pad in Monaco and think about what he might have been thinking when he heard of Alastair Johnston's performance in front of the media on Friday.

Tom English: Champion and his wonder horse

But that most romantic of Aintree stories, as Tom English reminds us, was about more than just the winners of 1981's incredible Grand National

Tom English: It's non-stop for Regan

Stewart Regan is a lucky so-and-so, isn't he? The racism scandal petering out like that? Phew. A German teenager flung the banana. Yessss! Result for the SFA. One less thing for the chief executive to have to deal with. That only leaves sectarianism in his in-tray. And Neil Lennon. And the implementation of the McLeish Report.

Tom English: Friendly fire for Sir Alex

Quite honestly, if Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't the world's greatest football manager he'd surely have a career in Hollywood such is his ability to remain deadpan despite coming out with some hilariously contradictory statements.

Tom English: Great unknown at heart of the Rangers takeover saga

This, trust me, is the only time this column will ever quote - or even mention the name of - Donald Rumsfeld, but there is something he said once, a kind of meandering stream of consciousness that seems apt when you apply it to the wearying saga of the proposed takeover of Rangers by Craig Whyte.

Tom English: 'Is it any wonder England aren't able to man up at tournaments'

Metaphorically speaking, in his press conference at the England team hotel in Cardiff the other day, Fabio Capello was put up against a wall and told to account for his behaviour in the business of Rio Ferdinand and the captain's armband, a feeble saga of petted lips and overblown egos.

Tom English: 'Friends no more, this Fifa battle is going to be gripping'

You may not have heard of Peter Velappan but, once upon a time, he was very important to Sepp Blatter and Sepp Blatter was, in turn, very important to him. Velappan used to be a top-ranking official at the Asian Football Confederation. Indeed, the Malaysian was the AFC's general secretary for the 29 years from 1978 to 2007.

Tom English: 'Everybody is getting much better, except the skint Scots'

You had to feel for Sean Lineen last week, not just because the Glasgow coach had to announce the departure, at the end of the season, of Richie Vernon, his international No.8, but also because, in the interests of PR, he had to try and do the un-doable and put a positive slant on it all.

Tom English: Craig Levein is full of praise for Adam so why has the Scotland coach not used him more?

All credit to St Paul and his Damascene moment: his vision of the resurrected Christ on a road in Syria set the bar high in terms of life-changing conversion.

Webchat as it happened: Tom English on the League Cup final

Award-winning sports writer Tom English was online today to discuss Sunday's League Cup final between Celtic and Rangers.

Tom English: Hotline to Festival frustration

WHEN YOU watch the Cheltenham Festival you enter another world, a place where nothing else matters bar horse whispering.

Tom English: 'English jibes must represent an effrontery to the proud Scots'

'English jibes must represent an effrontery to the proud Scots'

Old Firm: Actions will have to be louder than worthy words

AT LEAST now the intemperate language of the last week has given way to calmer tones, at least some of the bonkers reactionary ideas that came from the motormouths of politicians since that cup tie at Parkhead last Wednesday has been replaced with a range of objectives that were delivered in conciliatory tones by the First Minister and invited guests yesterday. It's a step forward of sorts.

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