Tom Adair

Tom Adair

Redemption and death, the perfect Sunday

Gideon's Daughter, BBC1, Sun

Whither Mummerset in Holby City's wards?

Casualty, BBC1, Saturday

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Comforting dollops of Tartan nostalgia

That Was the Team That Was, BBC1, Friday

Marple adaptation is set to make a killing

Agatha Christie's Marple, ITV1 Sunday

Of tycoons and other unsavoury types

Friends and Crocodiles, BBC1, Sunday

Glut of Hogmanay mystery plays

Only an Excuse, BBC1, Saturday,

One last bow for a duo who were never a drag

Little Britain, BBC1, Saturday

Macca's Abbey with fans' pilgrimage

Paul McCartney: Crisis and Creation at Abbey Road, BBC2, Saturday

Time travel made easy by schedulers

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag, BBC2, Fri,

Growing discontent with the single laugh

Carrie and Barry, BBC1, Sat

Dressed to thrill, shoot to kill

Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1, Sat

In nightclubs no-one can hear you scream

The Perfect Scary Movie, Channel 4, Saturday

Nag's head to the cowpats

The Green Green Grass, BBC1, Friday

Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV

Celebrity Shark Bait, ITV1, Sun

Remembering the doyenne of the dance

The South Bank Show: Margot (Part 2), ITV1, Sun

War and peace: the naked truth

Warlords, Churchill v Roosevelt, Channel 4, Sun

Hogwarts, home to the middle class

Harry Potter, ITV1, Friday and Saturday

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