Sheila Duffy: Restricting tobacco industry will improve our health

THIS week should see the end of a bitter and protracted struggle in Australian politics, with the senate finally passing legislation to introduce plain, standardised packaging for cigarettes and tobacco products.


‘We need world support’ as Australia presses for plain tobacco packaging

AUSTRALIA’S government has urged other countries to shun the advances of big tobacco companies looking to block the country’s proposals for some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the world.

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Cigarette sales ban delayed

THE BAN on cigarette sales from vending machines has been delayed because of legal challenges to the legislation, the Scottish Government said yesterday.

Tobacco giant fails to foil Holyrood in court

An attempt by one of the world's biggest tobacco companies to stop anti-smoking legislation at Holyrood has been defeated in court.

Fears of Scots health divide as the war on smoking fails poorest

Smoking in Scotland's most deprived areas is still a major problem, leading to an increasing health gap and poor life expectancy, campaigners warn.

Time is called at 700 Scottish pubs since smoking ban

MORE than 700 pubs have closed in Scotland since the smoking ban was brought in four years ago, a report has shown.

Tobacco firms suspected of YouTube sales push

TOBACCO companies could be using interactive websites such as YouTube to market their products to young people, according to a new study.

Hospital smokers risk a £50 fine

A SCOTTISH health board last night announced plans to bring in enforcement officers to fine people up to £50 for flouting its ban on smoking.

Tobacco giant fights Scots ban on cigarettes display

ONE of the world's biggest tobacco companies launched a legal bid yesterday against a law which bans the open display of cigarettes in Scotland's shops.

Cut in port police linked to surge in tobacco smuggling by Ulster thugs

SCOTLAND's west coast has become a smuggling hot spot after police cover for ports was significantly reduced last year.

Stores flout tobacco law

NEARLY one in four city shops tested in the Capital has been caught selling cigarettes to under-agers, Trading Standards figures have revealed.

Passive smoking link to mental health problems

PASSIVE smoking has been linked to mental health problems for the first time by a scientific study that suggests those exposed to cigarette fumes are three times more likely to be admitted to psychiatric hospital than those free from nicotine exposure.

Smoking puts your unborn child at risk, women told

UNBORN babies are still being put at risk because of their parents' smoking, doctors will warn today.

Smoking dangers in focus as house fire injuries soar

THE number of injuries sustained in house fires has soared over the past year – with more than half of fire deaths due to unattended cigarettes.

Call made on tobacco firms

TOBACCO companies should be forced to report to the government regularly and publish details of marketing and income to increase transparency, an Edinburgh charity has said.

No-logo look for cigarette packs

TOBACCO companies will have to use plain, logo-free packaging on their cigarettes to make them less attractive under legislation introduced yesterday by the government of Australia, which dubbed the move a world-first.

Teenage movies failing to kick the habit

FILMS aimed at children and young people continue to feature smoking, says a new study.

Cheap cigs account for fifth of market

LAMBERT & Butler firm Imperial Tobacco yesterday said budget cigarettes now account for about a fifth of the total UK market as nicotine addicts turn to cheaper smokes.

Banning tobacco displays 'misguided', says Imperial

CIGARETTE manufacturer Imperial Tobacco has stepped up its fight against the ban on the display of tobacco products in retail outlets from October next year.

Sharp rise in use of drugs to treat smoking and obesity

A RISING number of prescriptions for drugs to treat obesity and to help people stop smoking are being handed out in Scotland.

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