Dr Robert Ballard returns to wreck of Titanic

THE man who discovered the wreck of the Titanic is to return to the scene to capture fresh images of the ship for a new £100 million visitor attraction in Belfast.

Titanic hero who played on to the bitter end

THE great-niece of a young violinist who played on the Titanic as it sank has told his story for the first time.

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The Titanic and a cause célèbre of cowardice, by one who was there

A GRIPPING first-person account of the sinking of the Titanic by a woman who worked for a Scottish aristocrat whose escape from the ship was described as "cowardice" has been published for the first time nearly 100 years after the disaster.

Titanic salvage firm entitled to tens of millions in compensation, judge rules

THE company with exclusive rights to salvage the Titanic is entitled to full compensation for artefacts worth about $110 million that it has recovered in a half-dozen perilous expeditions to the famous shipwreck, an American judge has ruled.

US aims to 'raise Titanic'

AN ambitious deep-sea expedition to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean next month aims to virtually raise the Titanic by providing the first detailed three-dimensional map of the wreck of the famous liner that sank almost a century ago.

Salvage mission planned for Titanic

THE TITANIC could be revisited after an application was lodged by the firm which holds exclusive salvage rights to the wreck.

Last Titanic survivor's ashes scattered at sea

THE ashes of the last survivor of the Titanic have been scattered in the waters where the ill-fated voyage began.

Sociopath captain let Titanic's passengers die without a qualm

FOR nearly a century debate has raged over whether he was the man who ignored the plight of hundreds who died in the sinking of the Titanic.

Diver dies exploring Titanic sister ship

A BRITISH diver devoted to providing "new angles" to the Titanic story died after an underwater filming mission exploring her sister ship.

Titanic stars help last survivor

HOLLYWOOD actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio have given cash to help pay the nursing home fees of the last survivor of the Titanic.

As stricken Titanic sank, the call went up: 'Women and children and Americans first'

BRITISH passengers aboard the Titanic were less likely to survive than their American counterparts because of their good manners, a study has suggested.

In his own words – man who survived Titanic and sinking of her sister ship

LETTERS written by a seaman who survived the sinking of the Titanic and its sister ship the Britannic four years later – only to die in a German torpedo attack – are expected to raise up to £20,000 at auction.

Titanic survivor sells mementoes

THE last remaining survivor of the Titanic is selling mementoes from the ill-fated liner to help pay for her nursing home fees.

Titanic survivor sells mementoes to pay for nursing home fees

Hampshire: The last remaining survivor of the Titanic is to sell mementoes from the fated cruise liner to help pay for her nursing home fees.

Titanic key set to go on sale

A TINY key that might have prevented the Titanic sinking will go on sale at auction today.

Key role in Titanic disaster

AS THE old saying goes: But for a nail the shoe was lost, but for the shoe the horse was lost, but for the horse the war was lost, and but for the war the kingdom was lost.

The simple locker key that could have saved the Titanic from disaster

IT WAS the key that could have saved the Titanic.

Titanic stars reunited to make BBC/DreamWorks movie

TITANIC stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are reuniting for the first time since their Oscar-winning film.

Titanic relic sale anger

THE last British survivor of the Titanic disaster yesterday condemned black market dealers after it emerged relics from the shipwreck were up for sale.

Lillian Asplund

Survivor of Titanic's sinking

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