Tibet monk suicide protests continue

Another monk has set himself on fire to protest against China’s tight grip over Buddhist practices in Tibet, an activist group has said.

Dalai Lama in talks on successor

THE Dalai Lama is stoking a debate on who will succeed him as the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, suggesting ideas that have angered China.

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Violence as monks arrested

AN ALTERCATION between a Han Chinese shop owner and Tibetan monks in rural Tibet escalated into an ethnic riot.

Dry spell causes nosebleeds

PEOPLE in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa are waking up to nosebleeds because there is so little moisture in the air, it was revealed yesterday.

China finds Dalai Lama supporter guilty of subversion

A TIBETAN nomad held by the Chinese for three months for shouting "long live the Dalai Lama" has been convicted on subversion charges.

Tibetans shot at by Chinese guards

CHINESE border guards fired on a group of Tibetans, including children, fleeing across the Himalayas into Nepal earlier this month, but no-one was hurt, a body working for the Tibetan cause said.

China fury at award for Dalai Lama

AMERICA will deliver a calculated sleight to China today by awarding the Tibetan religious leader the Dalai Lama a Congressional Gold Medal - the highest civilian award which may be bestowed by the United States Congress.

Approval ruling on 'living Buddhas'

REINCARNATIONS of "living Buddhas" in Tibet who fail to get approval from the officially atheist Chinese government are illegal and invalid, officials announced, as dozens of ethnic Tibetans were arrested for calling for the return of the exiled Dalai Lama.

A special Lama drops in at zoo

THE Dalai Lama toured the zoo of late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin today, and met the TV celebrity's widow Terry, son Bob and daughter Bindi.

Australia energy call by Dalai Lama

THE Dalai Lama yesterday urged Australians - the world's worst per captia emitters of greenhouse gases - to cut back on energy use.

Tibetan protesters greet Hu in Mumbai

A TIBETAN protester set himself on fire yesterday outside the hotel of visiting Chinese president Hu Jintao in Mumbai, before being taken away by Indian police.

Tibetan sets himself alight in Hu protest

A TIBETAN protestor set himself on fire today outside visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao's hotel.

Dalai Lama visits Mongolia's largest Buddhist monastery

THE Dalai Lama visited Mongolia's largest Buddhist monastery today, at the start of a trip aimed at shoring up Tibetan links with the landlocked nation that is expected to draw anger from China.

Rainbow warrior

IT IS day two of the Dalai Lama's week-long visit to Belgium, and the cramped smile on his face speaks volumes.

Talks between China and Tibet make little progress

Talks between Beijing and the Dalai Lama's envoys have made "no substantial progress", and the exiled Tibetan leader is still a threat to China's unity, Tibet's Chinese-appointed leader said yesterday.

Mountain raillink branded a threat to Tibet

CHINA opened the world's highest railway on Saturday, celebrating the link with Tibet as a symbol harmony while critics denounced it as a threat to Tibet's culture and environment.

Tibet protesters held in China

PROTESTERS from the US, Canada and Britain were detained in Beijing today after unfurling a banner denouncing China's new rail line to Tibet.

Opponents rail against China's record-breaking train to Tibet

IT IS the world's highest railway, featuring hi-tech systems to stabilise tracks over permafrost and cabins enriched with oxygen to help passengers cope as the train climbs to record altitudes, taking 16,500ft passes at 60mph.

Tibetan poet to bring political verse to Capital

TIBETAN freedom activist and award-winning writer Tenzin Tsundue will be in Edinburgh next month as part of a UK tour.

Tibet 'best to stay in China'

THE Dalai Lama has said that independence is not in the interests of Tibet, which he said could benefit from China's economic growth.

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