Theatre Reviews Edinburgh

Theatre Reviews Edinburgh

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Theatre review: Hairspray at The Edinburgh Playhouse

Hairspray The Edinburgh Playhouse * * * * *

Theatre review: Make or Break

Festival Theatre ****

Theatre review: The Siege of Leith South; Leith Church Hall

LEITH Academy's motto is Persevere – and considering the radical changes that Leith has undergone since the school's founding, it is fairly apt.

Theatre review: Silence In Court

Kitsch Theatre Cafe, Bernard Street ****

Theatre review: Cash On Delivery, Church Hill Theatre

THE laughs are queuing up to jump off the stage at the Church Hill this week in Edinburgh People's Theatre fast-paced production of Michael Cooney's Cash on Delivery.

Theatre review: Spymonkey's Moby Dick, Traverse ****

IT'S laughter all the way at the Traverse this week, as physical theatre company Spymonkey take on one of the great American novels and twist its vast, symbol-laden narrative into a brief encounter with slapstick.

Theatre review: Stomp

Stomp **** The Festival Theatre

Theatre review: Grassic Gibbon, Festival Theatre

SUNSET Song, and indeed the whole trilogy of novels which Lewis Grassic Gibbon called A Scots Quair flavour this new, semi-staged production about the novelist who many claim to be Scotland's greatest.

Review: The Little Shop of Horrors, Festival Theatre

ROGER CORMAN'S 1960 cult classic The Little Shop of Horrors is notable for three things: our first introduction to the triffid, known as Audrey, Jack Nicholson's first and most disturbing motion picture performance and Mrs Krelborn's immortal health-related line: "Bring me the Evening News, they're running a self diagnosis competition. The winner gets to go to the male clinic."

Theatre preview: An Argument About Sex by director Stewart Laing

IS STEWART Laing monkeying around? Two of Scotland's most important theatre venues, the Tramway and the Traverse, have entrusted the director with their biggest performance spaces. There's much excitement about what he'll do. And what has he filled these big spaces with? A lawn. That's it. It's not even a very nice lawn; it's a cheap-looking plastic thing with a few plastic chairs on it.

A stunning take on an old favourite

The Sleeping Beauty **** Festival Theatre Scottish Ballet return to the capital with a near faultless performance of their witty, visually stunning and exceedingly well-told production of Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty, your reviews: 'The costumes were all very eye-catching'

Anna Innan, 16, school pupil, Morningside: "I enjoyed all of it, it was very good. It was quite easy to follow the main story. Princess Aurora was very good as a leading dancer. It seemed like they have tried to modernise the story a bit which was quite interesting and maybe made it more accessible."

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