The Weekender

The Weekender

My Perfect Weekend: Morven Dow, store manager of Reid Furniture

Morven Dow, 55, is store manager of Reid Furniture at Straiton. She lives in Baberton.

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Pet Questions

Q My son recently got a dog and was waiting for her first season so he knew when to get her spayed. She was kept confined when she came into season, but another dog got into our yard and I'm worried she may now be pregnant. What should I do?

Gardening: Exotic plants really can thrive

In between keeping clients' gardens looking nice over the summer and installing vegetable beds ready for autumn planting, my colleagues and I have managed to schedule holiday trips ourselves and have come back musing, "I wonder if that would grow in my garden..".

Animal magic

HIS silver screen character was famously proud, thinking nothing of cuffing his magical owner with a wing or doling out a quick nip with his sharp beck if he felt he wasn't being accorded enough respect.

Restaurant review: Cupcake Cafe Bar, Westerwood Farm, Torphichen

IT has to be said that the Cupcake Cafe Bar is a weeny bit out of the way. OK, it's just 14 miles from Edinburgh Airport and a stone's throw from the historic West Lothian town of Linlithgow but it's not exactly what you'd call on the main drag.

Food is child's play

DON'T play with your food - five words which will sound familiar to generations of children, from those who are grandparents now to those still in Ben 10 T-shirts as they sit at the table, eyes downcast, pushing a hated piece of cabbage or spinach around the plate.

My Perfect Weekend: Graham Blaikie, The Mercat Bar and Restaurant landlord

Graham Blaikie, 33, is landlord of The Mercat Bar and Restaurant, on West Maitland Street, and The Dolphin Inn, in Whitecraig. He lives in Penicuik.

Gardening: Help love for plants take root early

I REMEMBER spending long summer holidays as a child in my grandpa's garden in Haddington planting bedding plants and vegetables while helping him look after his garden.

Pet Questions with Stuart McMorrow

Q My Yorkie constantly licks my face. How can I stop him?

Recipes: Raspberry Paloma Cocktail, Basil Grande Cocktail, English Country Garden, Fish House Punch

THERE is nothing quite like a cool, refreshing cocktail when you are entertaining guests in the summer months.

Fashion: You can't stop Pringle

THERE are few brands in the world where a mere glance at its signature logo means immediate recognition: the golden arches and it's McDonald's, five coloured, linked rings the Olympics, two Cs back to back and you instantly know it's Chanel.

Restaurant Review: Miros Cantina Mexicana, 184 Rose Street

IF you like your Mexican food strictly authentic and without the franchised feel of some places or the "shaped for the palette" flavours available on the supermarket shelves then perhaps Miros Cantina Mexicana is the culinary retreat you are looking for.

Jazz up dinner with a little music

Jazz up your roast dinners at the North Bridge Brasserie as it launches its "Speakeasy Sunday" for just £29 per person.

Escape from the Festival

Edinburgh's festival season is just days away and while many of us are purchasing our tickets, excitedly browsing our guides, and eagerly awaiting the beginning of a month of artistic and cultural happenings, some are dreading the weeks of trying to navigate through an over-populated and hectic city.

My Perfect Weekend: Mattia Camorani, head chef of Cucina at Hotel Missoni

Mattia Camorani, 37, is head chef of Cucina at Hotel Missoni. Originally from Imola, Italy, he now lives in Stockbridge.

Pet Questions

Q I recently got two chinchillas and I'm worried about what to do if they get ill. Do I need to register with a specialist vet?

Recipes: Confit Pork Belly, West Coast Diver Caught Scallops in Caul Fat, with Curried Potato, Cauliflower Fritters and Spinach Puree

Confit Pork Belly, West Coast Diver Caught Scallops in Caul Fat, with Curried Potato, Cauliflower Fritters and Spinach Puree, serves 4

Try sticking your oar in

WHEN Ian Rankin opened last year's Edinburgh Canal Festival he described the waterway as one of the city's "hidden secrets".

Restaursnt review: John Paul at the Marine, Macdonald Marine Hotel

NORTH Berwick has a new addition to its culinary offering with the launch of award-winning Scottish chef John Paul's restaurant at the Macdonald Marine Hotel and Spa.

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