The union

The union

Pete Martin: Unionist campaign may go to the wall

Scots have the intrinsic ability to switch allegiance just depending on what advantage there is to be gained

Gordon Brown warns of threat to Union

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown is expected to claim today that a Tory government would undermine the Union.

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Labour moves to reclaim Saltire from Nationalists

LABOUR has moved to reclaim the Saltire from the Nationalists by emphasising it is the flag for every Scot, not just those who believe in independence.

Will the people of Scotland be denied a say on their country's future?

The first priority for the Scottish people is not separation but social justice

Lib Dem option for federal UK is ruled out by Calman

THE Liberal Democrats suffered a setback yesterday when the commission examining devolution explicitly ruled out the party's preferred policy of federalism.

Barnett formula could split UK, says the man himself

THE man behind the financial formula that results in Scotland getting £1,600 more per head than England yesterday warned it could result in the break-up of the UK.

Scots get too much cash, say rising number of English

ALMOST a third of people in England think Scotland receives more than its fair share of government cash, a survey revealed today.

Brown: Banking crisis has proved case for the Union

GORDON Brown last night attacked Scottish nationalism by saying that the banking crisis had proven the case for the Union.

Boris blunders into subsidy row

BORIS Johnson sparked an angry cross-border row last night by claiming Londoners resent "forking out for things in Scotland".

Labour fears Cameron could deliver Scotland to the SNP

SCOTTISH Labour MPs have given a stark warning that the country will become independent within a few years unless the party wakes up to the threat of a Conservative government at Westminster.

Independence referendum: Alexander challenges Salmond to bring vote forward

SCOTTISH Labour leader Wendy Alexander today challenged Alex Salmond to bring forward his planned referendum when he announces his legislative programme next week.

Labour implodes over independence vote

A DAY of extraordinary disarray within Labour has left serious questions hanging over the party's leadership on both sides of the Border. Days after Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader, called for a referendum on independence, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, directly contradicted her when put on the spot at Westminster yesterday.

Brown denies Scottish referendum declaration

GORDON Brown today moved to defend and clarify comments made this week by Wendy Alexander about a Scottish independence referendum.

Brown leaves the future of Union in Wendy's hands

GORDON Brown, the Prime Minister, has turned his back on what could be the biggest constitutional upheaval for 300 years by saying a vote on the break-up of the United Kingdom is a matter for the Labour leader in Scotland.

STUC urged to widen debate on independence

ONE of the country's biggest unions will declare this week that it is time for Scottish independence to be considered by all political parties.

Scotland will not be first among equals

A HUGE gulf emerged yesterday between the aspirations of Westminster and Holyrood for the role of joint ministerial committees (JMCs) as Alex Salmond met with ministers to discuss the body.

Get Scotland sorted first - then decide whether to stay in Union

The constitutional debate can wait until after we have tackled priorities such as education, writes ARCHIE STIRLING

Salmond calls for referendum on Scottish independence

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond today challenged opposition parties to come up with an alternative to independence that could be put to the public in a referendum.

More questions than answers in 'state of the union' review

JUST before midday yesterday, the political ground in Scotland shifted, starting a process that will change the United Kingdom for ever.

70% of English want Union but most still foresee UK break-up

SEVEN out of ten English voters want to keep the Union between England and Scotland, an opinion poll has revealed.

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