The Simpsons

The Simpsons

It's the Simp-stones! Curling comes to Springfield

DESPITE the freezing conditions required to play the game, the sport of curling has always struggled to be seen as "cool".

Civic war centres on Simpsons star

WITH his unkempt auburn beard, cantankerous disposition and predilection for coarse Caledonian oaths, he is unlikely to be a credit to any civic reception.

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Singing sensation Susan Boyle's fame reaches Simpsons

SINGING sensation Susan Boyle has amassed millions of fans worldwide since appearing on Britain's Got Talent.

D'oh! The Simpsons just got even stickier

THE United States post office yesterday urged people to vote early and often for their favourite among five new stamps honouring the nation's funniest dysfunctional cartoon family.

Homer's family go for record

AY CARAMBA! The Simpsons is to become US television's longest-running prime time series after it was announced that the show will continue for another two seasons.

Homer's odyssey continues as The Simpsons get two more seasons

FOX is renewing The Simpsons for another two seasons, which will secure its place as US TV's longest-running prime-time series.

Homer's odyssey: 20 years of The Simpsons

AS A heavenly chorus gives way to a lurching cacophony of manic orchestration, a spiky-haired boy wreaks havoc on his skateboard, while his sister bops out of her music class to her own slinky, saxophone groove.

Groundskeeper Willie is the classic Scot for Americans

A HOT-headed school janitor from The Simpsons inspired by a herbalist from Leith has been named the Scot most Americans associated with the country. A survey found that grumpy Groundskeeper Willie from the TV cartoon is the character they most believe personifies the Scottish temperament. The finding emerged in a report commissioned to gauge the impact of efforts to promote Scotland in the US.

Homer Simpson - a byword for brains

D'OH! To millions of Simpsons fans it has always been obvious. But Homer, head of the cartoon clan, has now joined the ranks of sparkling intellects like Churchill and Woody Allen by making it into the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations for the first time.

Leith link to Simpson star

THE creator of The Simpsons has revealed that hot-tempered Groundskeeper Willie is based on a herbalist from Leith.

Groening lifts toilet lid on the real-life Groundskeeper Willie

WITH his flame-red beard, fiery temperament and arsenal of earthy Caledonian insults Groundskeeper Willie has become an intrinsic part of the enduring success of the Simpsons.

D'oh! We've turned into role models, Marge!

'SEE our family: And feel better about yours." So runs the tagline to the film that fans of America's most dysfunctional fivesome have been waiting 18 years to see.

In praise of Homer's 20-year odyssey

IT IS remarkable that one of the greatest sitcoms of all time should feature a garishly yellow cast with only six fingers each. But The Simpsons, which celebrates its 20th birthday today, remains one of TV's finest achievements.

Mexican Simpsons actors threaten action

A GROUP of Mexican voice-over actors who dub The Simpsons into Spanish are threatening to lead a boycott of the cartoon's movie if they are not hired to translate the film, due out this summer.

Ay Caramba, a Simpsons threat

MEXICAN actors who dub The Simpsons into Spanish are threatening to boycott the cartoon's upcoming film version if they are not hired to translate the film.

Gervais Simpsons episode a ratings winner

The Office star Ricky Gervais's episode of The Simpsons was a ratings winner on Sunday.

Real-life Simpsons are sitting pretty

SINCE 1989 they have been the most famous dysfunctional cartoon family in the world. But for the first time, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie can now be seen in real life on TV.

Gervais dream comes true as he takes over 'Simpsons'

RICKY Gervais's appearance in his own episode of The Simpsons is a dream come true, the British comedy star has revealed.

No end to Homer's odyssey

THE Simpsons creator Matt Groening has insisted there is no end in sight for the long-running cartoon.

The Simpsons is voted the best-ever cartoon

Picture: Katie Lee" /> THE Simpsons, the cult series that tells the tale of a dysfunctional American family, has been voted the best cartoon of all time.

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