The Scotsman media pages

The Scotsman media pages

Swinney drops adverts cut threat

The Scottish Government has abandoned plans to allow councils to post public notice online amid fears the move would signal the end for many newspapers.

Sly's dilemma is Mirror of problem for all

TRYING to put as positive a spin as possible on Trinity Mirror's failure to sell off some of its regional newspapers, Sly Bailey, its chief executive, spoke of her determination to pursue the group's "technology-led operating model".

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Meet the 'Simon Fuller' of public health

THE OPENING lines of Trainspotting - "Choose life, choose a job, choose a career..." - are among the most famous in movie history. Some movie fans may not realise Renton's famous rant was the nihilistic inversion of a Scottish anti-drugs campaign of 20 years ago, with the slogan "Choose Life, Not Drugs".

Q & A

MARTIN HUNT is the managing director of Tartan Silk public relations agency.

Does this gown make my bum look big?

"LIGHTS, camera, action!" I somehow can't imagine those words being uttered in the Scottish courts before the clerk of court announces "court rise". An even worse thought would be our bench spending time in the make-up room: "Does this wig suit me? Does my bum look big in this gown?"

The Spike

Flying the flag

The Spike

Shilpa style

Don't overreach to grab that contract

MAYBE I've been watching too much reality TV, but I'm sure that clients are becoming more like Alan Sugar or Simon Cowell in their approach to the agency pitch.

Donnish and diplomatic, but he's still the man who wields the axe

'IF WE ARE looking for gaps in the way BBC journalism addresses Scotland, we would say that the regional gap is a big one," says the BBC's director general Mark Thompson.

Q & A: Craig McMurdo, presenter, Smooth Radio


Run on the bank

HOW quickly they forget. Matt Ridley, erstwhile Daily Telegraph columnist, has been under fire in his role as the £300,000-a-year chairman of Northern Rock after the Weimar Republic-like scenes outside its branches. As a journalist, Ridley mocked "the desire to abolish greed" and railed against "nostalgia for the days when politicians were needed and admired, when government was thought a solution, not an obstacle". Lucky for Ridley, the Bank of England was on hand to bail Northern Rock out.

Ambassador turned enforcer: the sheriff of press probity rides in

'IDON'T regulate the Portuguese press, thank the Lord.

The double-edged sword of slick PR

WHEN does a profile-raising campaign get out of hand? When the tail starts wagging the dog and the campaign becomes the story. Like an incredibly creative advertisement which has people talking about it rather than the product, so the PR machine behind the Find Madeleine campaign was being discussed within weeks of the child going missing.

Q&A: Louise MacDonald


Coming out to play with more adventurous bedroom branding

IT USED to be the product the barber would offer his customers with the knowing hint: "Something for the weekend sir?"

ITV's regional news faces cuts

WHEN Michael Grade first arrived to start work at ITV's headquarters in January last year, following the shock of his defection from the BBC, he was greeted by a spontaneous round of applause from staff. Following yesterday's ITV strategy update, applause from staff may be more muted.

The Spike

Losing Patience...

Hey, commissioners, dinnae forget the wireless

IT HAS felt like this summer the BBC has been in the news as much as delivering it. Spare a thought, then, for those of us who work in a part of the organisation whose audience is expanding, whose appreciation figures have never been higher and whose variety is dizzying.

Many hoops in legal aid's new libel circus

IT HAS often been said that libel cases are the domain of the rich. Libel litigation is a costly business and even when the prospects of success are high, it is always wise to countenance the client on what will happen if it all goes wrong.

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