The Scotsman Leaders Debate

The Scotsman Leaders Debate

Video: Scottish party leaders debate local income tax

ONE of the main points of discussion at The Scotsman Leaders Debate last week was the main parties' taxation plans, and specifically the SNP's proposal for a local income tax.

Marking the report cards as polling day looms

In January, we asked four writers to offer an idealised manifesto for each of the main parties ahead of May's Holyrood elections. Now, we ask those writers their opinions on our leaders' debate, and find out if the parties have adopted their ideas

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Full audio from The Scotsman Leaders' Debate

The Scotsman last night hosted a debate involving the leaders of Scotland's main political parties contesting the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections.

Leaders' Debate: The best and worst lines

Goldie BEST LINE IN DEBATE: On whether Scotland is a "subsidy junkie", as claimed by some people in the south of England – "I don't believe Scotland is being subsidised. I think we have an adequate resource."

Analysis: Auntie Annabel and nephew steal the show, but it's a far from solid family partnership

Until last night, it was the quiet secret of Scottish politics. Alex might be in office, but Annabel kept him in power. For the past four years, the polar opposites of Scottish politics have been unlikely partners. But now their liaison is out in the open.

Something fishy afoot as a new SNP-Tory coalition of camaraderie emerges

"Fish, fish! Fish!" Not the canapés at the end of the packed Scotsman Leaders' Debate last night, but quite the best line in the debate.

SNP-Labour coalition pact 'is incredibly unlikely'

A COALITION between the SNP and Labour after the election was branded "incredibly unlikely" by First Minister Alex Salmond last night.

University chiefs go on the offensive over fees

UNIVERSITY chiefs last night ambushed Alex Salmond, Iain Gray and Tavish Scott and criticised their plans to provide free higher education for Scots as unrealistic and "not credible".

Leader: Leaders show their strengths, but have more work to do

They came, they engaged, they debated. Last night, this newspaper brought together the leaders of the four main political parties standing for election to the Scottish Parliament in constituencies and on the regional lists.

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