The Scotsman Business 250 (2005)

The Scotsman Business 250 (2005)

Six of the best Scottish firms that have scored from market listings

SCOTLAND continues to punch below its weight in terms of new stock market listings. Eleven Scottish companies received a listing in the past year, only two of which received "full" listing status.

Engineering growth in every size of firm

THIS year, the manufacturing engineering sector has seen a continuation of growth in both orders and manufactured output.

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Bright prospects for technology leaders

THERE has been a marked increase in health and optimism in the technology and telecommunications sector in Scotland in the past couple of years. The sector remains challenging, with rapid change, increased international competition and continued consolidation but Scottish companies have been successfully making the transition to

Booming market has a lasting property

THE most frequently asked question I hear is "how long is this market going to last?", for which there is a strong sense of the foregone conclusion. There is a growing assumption that the tremendous strength the commercial property market has experienced in the past decade will come to an abrupt end, with values and returns plunging and a market swept into chaos.

Where dedication to the destination is key

DURING a period of much change, which saw the amalgamation of the former area tourist boards into the single, national VisitScotland network, our tourism industry has remained focused on ensuring Scotland is perceived as a "must-visit, must-return" destination, and is firmly on course towards a successful future.

Oiling the wheels of sector's renaissance

THE oil and gas sector continues to be healthily represented in the Scotsman 250 and the North-east economy is currently experiencing one of the most buoyant periods in recent times due to the knock-on effect of the increase in oil and gas activity.

Driving the success of Scotland plc

IT WILL come as no surprise to those with even a passing interest in Scottish business that finance and energy continue to dominate the top of the Scotsman 250 table, both sectorally and metaphorically.

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