The Queen's Speech 2002

The Queen's Speech 2002

Radical reforms clash with Scots agenda

THE DIVERGENCE of government in England and Scotland is set to widen sharply over the next year as Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, carries out radical reforms laid out for England in the Queen’s Speech yesterday.

Key areas of government policy from the Queen's speech examined

THE EURO: GORDON Brown flaunted his eurosceptic credentials yesterday with a document drawing attention to the extra hurdles he has placed in the way of the single currency.

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Queen's speech focuses on crime

The government today pledged to move from a criminal justice to a “victim justice" system as the Queen unveiled its legislative programme for the next session of parliament.

Crime crackdown in Queen's speech

THE Government today announced a crackdown on crime and anti-social behaviour in England and paved the way for elected regional assemblies south of the border following the example of the Scottish parliament.

Text of Queen's speech in full

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.

Blair's long game gives McConnell a free hand

TOMORROW the Scottish Nationalists will predictably accuse the UK Government of ignoring our nation, after the monarch unveils a Queen’s Speech that is very English-based.

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