The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers

Tune in to Proclaimers iPhone app

WANT to walk 500 miles and walk 500 more? Then there's an app for that.

Proclaimers tune into an iPhone app

SCOTS rockers The Proclaimers have launched an iPhone application so fans can sing along to their hits and follow their gigs.

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Criminal cash for youths plan hits right note with the Proclaimers

THE Proclaimers yesterday backed a Scottish Government initiative which uses money seized from criminals to help young musicians.

Interview: The Proclaimers - They're Proclaimed a Scottish institution

WHEN it comes to instantly recognisable Scots, The Proclaimers are up there with Robert Burns and Billy Connolly. Indeed, so identifiable are Charlie and Craig Reid with their Buddy Holly-style glasses, to see one of them without their specs is a bit like Oor Wullie without his bucket.

Proclaimers add to US tour

OWING to the success of their North American tour, The Proclaimers are hoping to add another date to their US schedule.

Album review: The Proclaimers


Interview: The Proclaimers - He ain't geeky, he's my brother

IN THE dark lobby of Edinburgh's Sheraton Hotel, it takes a few moments to recognise Charlie Reid. Without the trademark specs, faded denim jacket and an identical twin by his side, he looks like any other punter who's wandered in off Lothian Road –- certainly not like one half of one of the most visually distinctive music acts to come out of Scotland in the past 20 years.

Proclaimers add extra miles

THE Proclaimers have announced additional tour dates, including a free event in August.

Proclaimers to play two dates at Usher Hall in November

THE Proclaimers have today announced two dates at the Usher Hall – the first time they will have played the Capital since last summer's sell-out concert at Edinburgh Castle.

Proclaimers reveal new album plans with credit crunch flavour

THEY wrote their early songs in the recession of the late 1980s. The troubled times inspired lines like "Bathgate no more" in "Letter from America".

Proclaimers raise their glasses to a digital caricaturist

A CARICATURE of The Proclaimers, exaggerating the twin singers' features with towering foreheads and fat lips, takes centre stage this week alongside familiar faces, such as Audrey Hepburn and George Bush.

Tartan Army plea for Sport Relief runners

TARTAN Army bosses have issued a call to runners in Edinburgh to join in a Proclaimers-inspired challenge for this year's Sport Relief event.

Proclaimers announce day of Castle gig

THE Proclaimers' concert at Edinburgh Castle will take place on Saturday, July 19, it was announced today.

Proclaimers head to Castle

THE Proclaimers are set to perform in front of 8000 people at Edinburgh Castle Esplanade in July, it was reported today.

Proclaimers give voice to Speakers

AN emerging Edinburgh band have been added to the final sold-out shows of the Proclaimers' British tour.

Proclaimers get behind bid to lower suicides

THE PROCLAIMERS are backing a new suicide awareness campaign after their former manager took his own life earlier this year.

Proclaimers tell of hope that sun will still shine on Leith

IT is one of their most recognisable songs, has become an anthem for Hibs fans, and even inspired a musical.

Duo Proclaim: We'll sing till we're 100

IT is an announcement that will delight their fans and infuriate their detractors - the Proclaimers plan to go on singing until they are 100.

Proclaimers' Charlie to undergo laser surgery

PROCLAIMERS star Charlie Reid has revealed he will no longer need his trademark glasses when he undergoes laser eye surgery later this year.

Amputees charity launches to tune of Proclaimers

A NEW charity named after one of the Proclaimers' most famous songs has been launched to support amputees in deprived areas around the world.

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