The future of Scotland's regiments

The future of Scotland's regiments

Regiment launches battle to upgrade its historic museum

A MULTIMILLION-pound appeal was launched yesterday to secure and improve the headquarters of one of Scotland's most famous regiments.

Battle royal: Scotland's regiments

Two years after the controversial merger of Scotland's regiments, the arguments are taking a new turn, writes Jeremy Watson

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First Minister marches into row

ALEX Salmond was last night embroiled in a row over the ongoing campaign to restore Scotland's independent regiments.

Tories back army's historic area links

DAVID Cameron gave his support yesterday to the retention of the "Golden Thread" linking Scotland's historic army batallions to specific parts of the country.

Veterans told not to fly their flags

SCOTTISH war veterans were ordered not to fly their regimental flags during a fundraising walk because of health and safety laws.

Marching on empty promises

SINCE the disbandment of the Royal Scots, the oldest regiment in the British Army, we have witnessed and unprecedented rush of Army generals openly condemning Tony Blair and his government for operating defence on a shoestring.

Privates on charade: how army spun Scots regiment

ARMY commanders carefully briefed a hand-picked squad of soldiers to put a positive spin on the controversial scrapping of Scotland's historic infantry regiments.

Proud regiment stands steadfast to the end

WHEN the controversial plan to amalgamate Scotland's infantry regiments into one "super-regiment" was announced, the Black Watch was on duty in southern Iraq. Opponents to the decision shook their heads in dismay. It seemed a particularly insensitive way to handle what was already a highly emotional move.

Regiment's proud history unfurled

CAPTAIN Gary Tait holds aloft the Union flag that was carried by the Royal Scots on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Royal Scots take salute

FROM Napoleon to Saddam Hussein, Edinburgh's Royal Scots have spent nearly 400 years fighting foreign foes under their defiant regimental motto: "Wha daur meddle wi' me."

Nemo me impune lacessit

1633 From a royal seal of approval

Two old regiments, one new Colour, a future to fight for

THE amalgamation of The Royal Scots and The King's Own Scottish Borderers on 1 August 2006 to form The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland has been no mean organisational feat. But Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Bruce, commanding officer of the new regiment says that the logistics of the change has been the least of his worries.

A voluntary and vital force

VOLUNTEER infantrymen have been associated with Edinburgh ever since the town magistrates called all menfolk to arms to protect the city against an English invasion after the battle of Flodden Field in 1513.

History on parade for one last march

THE oldest regiment in the British Army and the oldest active army unit in the world makes its farewell march along Princes Street today, Friday 26 May after 373 years of unbroken continuous service to sovereign and country.

Proud Royal Scots march into history

THE proud 373-year reign of the Royal Scots was laid to rest today as crowds lined Princes Street to bid Edinburgh's regiment an emotional farewell.

Princess Royal to take salute as unit makes final march

THE Princess Royal is to take the salute today as the Royal Scots march through Edinburgh with colours flying for the last time.

Royal Scots: your say

The Royal Scots, the oldest infantry regiment in the British army formed in 1633, is about to lose its identity in a merger to form a super regiment with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

Final parade for The Royal Scots

THE Royal Scots are being called to arms for the last time after 400 years of service.

Castle named regiment's HQ

EDINBURGH Castle was today officially confirmed as the main headquarters of the new Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Calls for Vine to quit army post over 'joke'

CONTROVERSIAL chief constable John Vine has been urged to resign from an honorary post with the Black Watch following a joke about suicide bombers.

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