The Euro

The Euro

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Eurozone crisis: France and Germany call for new EU treaty

THE leaders of Germany and France have called for a new European Union treaty to ensure that the region’s debt crisis never happens again.


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Cameron and Merkel attempt united front over euro crisis

David Cameron and Angela Merkel today acknowledged their differences over the way forward in the euro crisis, but insisted that Britain and Germany will work together in a spirit of “strong friendship”.


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Crunch time for Europe

The ECB faces mounting pressure to begin Quantitative Easing in a bid to prevent a two-speed Europe. Nathalie Thomas examines the consequences...

Former PM’s warning over Greek default

FORMER prime minister Sir John Major has warned that it would be “catastrophic” if debt-ravaged Greece defaulted before Europe’s banks had enough money to cover their losses.

Germany's powerhouse stumbles at last

THE powerhouse German economy has fallen victim to sluggish global growth, figures have revealed, in a surprise downbeat assessment of the country.

Merkel and Sarkozy reveal 'eurozone government' plan

GERMANY and France last night proposed a collective "eurozone government" led by the EU president to pull the region away from ecomomic turmoil.

Bill Jamieson: Hissing Sid rattles the eurozone

Economist Ottmar Issing has fired an excoriating attack on the course European history is taking

£46bn wiped off value of UK's top companies

A DEFIANT Barack Obama last night vowed that the US would always be a triple-A economy, despite its ratings agency debt downgrade.

White House says rating agency got it wrong on US debt

THE Obama administration has attacked the competence of the credit ratings agency that downgraded the United States last Friday.

Globals stocks hammered as ECB fails to quell debt nerves

GLOBAL stock markets were battered again yesterday as the European Central Bank failed to quell the panic by buying Italian and Spanish bonds.

Salmond calls for 'Plan B' to protect Scottish economy

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has called for a "Plan B" to protect Scotland's economy during the global economic crisis.

Analysis: Europe's leaders and citizens have very different views on debt deals

THIS deal on debt is key for policy makers, elite members of the European Commission and heads of the European Central Bank.

What Standard & Poor's ratings actually mean

CREDIT-RATING agencies, such as Standard & Poor's, exist to assess the credit-worthiness of bond issuers - companies or, as in this case, countries, who borrow money by issuing IOUs known as bonds.

Eurozone 'will buy debts to save Italy'

THE European Central Bank (ECB) last night announced it was ready to implement a bond-buying programme in an attempt to stop the eurozone plunging into deeper financial crisis.

Peter Jones: Spain waves goodbye to prosperity

The lesson from the continent is that greater fiscal autonomy does not always result in better governance

EU urges changes to bailout fund

THE eurozone needs to make further changes to its bailout fund - including boosting its size - to ensure it can effectively stem the worsening debt crisis, the president of the European Union's executive has said.

Greek credit rating cut on agency's 'default' call

GREECE'S credit rating was cut by two notches to CC yesterday, with a negative outlook.

Vince Cable says US 'nutters' are threat to economy

Business Secretary Vince Cable yesterday launched an attack on "right-wing nutters" in the US who are threatening to cripple the world economy.

Markets welcome bail-out for Greece as euro recovers

WORLD markets rallied yesterday after eurozone leaders agreed a new €109 billion (£96 billion) rescue deal for debt-laden Greece, allaying fears of the collapse of the single currency.

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