The Eligibles 2005

The Eligibles 2005

Who are Scotland's Most Eligible Men and Women?

Meet Scotland’s Most Wanted men and women in Eligibles 2005 only in this weekend’s Scotland on Sunday.

The Eligibles 2005

THEY'RE sexy, successful, sought-after and, best of all, single. Scotland on Sunday's Eligibles list, now in its sixth year, is the definitive guide to the 100 hottest and most talented unattached men and women in the country.

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The Top 100 Eligibles

Scotland's Most Wanted – the Top 100 Eligibles is Scotland's definitive list of the nation's hottest, most stylish & most sought after dates. In association with our friends at Drambuie, we are once again compiling the one hundred most eligible males and females across Scotland.

Judging Panel

Kelly Cooper-Barr – Party Planner & Socialite

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