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Who are The Darkness kidding?


'Old' hits, new tracks


Cool cats? The Darkness must be having a laugh

REMEMBER when you were so chronically self-conscious that you broke out in spots when invited to speak your name, never mind perform a party piece? I don’t think The Darkness ever suffered such angst.

Darkness delight at songwriting prize

GLAM rockers the Darkness won a prestigious music award yesterday and dedicated it to "songwriters everywhere".

Sparkling Darkness light up Brits with hat trick

THE Darkness proved that rock rules as they scooped three Brit awards.

Darkness set to be leading light at Brits

BEYONCE, Justin Timberlake and The Darkness are among the stars who will turn out for tonight’s Brit Awards, the biggest night in the UK showbiz calendar.

US duo beat British act to Christmas No 1 spot

THE flamboyant British retro rockers The Darkness were last night denied the coveted Christmas number one chart spot by an American duo’s cover version of a song first released 21 years ago.

Darkness just ahead in race for Xmas No.1

THE Darkness were narrowly ahead today in one of the tightest Christmas chart races for years.

Tale of two Justins

Ozzy, Elton, Kylie, Beyoncé. The rock and pop realm is peppered with outré monikers, but 2003 belonged to two men united by one prosaic and unpopstarish name, and little else beyond their stratospheric success. This was the year of the Justins.

Darkness see the Christmas light

SO WHAT if sales have shrunk? Who cares that the CD single, which took over from vinyl, may be giving way in turn to the internet download? The Christmas No1 is dead; long live the Christmas No1.

Darkness to light up T in the Park

RETRO-rockers The Darkness are to perform at next year’s T in the Park festival.

The Darkness

The Darkness ****

All it takes is a little faith ...

Alan Hake remembers the first time he put the Darkness on at his club. And so he should: he finagled a catwalk into the tiny Notting Hill Arts Club (capacity: 150 or thereabouts) in west London. He figured the band, and singer Justin Hawkins in particular, would love it. They did. Even in early 2002, before they’d released any records, the Darkness were living large.

New light from The Darkness

This year’s Glastonbury revellers received a rude and unexpected awakening on the first morning of the festival, when The Darkness decided 10:30am was rock o’clock and attacked their lowly billing with a verve befitting a headline band. "Glastonbury - give me a D, give me an Arkness!" prompted singer Justin Hawkins. By noon the unashamedly naff, undeniably entertaining stadium rock throwback band were the talk of the site.

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