Thatcher bows out

Thatcher bows out

Thatcher statue to be unveiled

BARONESS Thatcher is this evening to attend the unveiling of a statue of her in the Palace of Westminster.

Have Scots learned to love Maggie Thatcher 16 years after her fall?

SHE was one of the most divisive figures in Scottish political history - but the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher could be named in the top ten most influential figures in the nation's history.

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Thatcher's finest hour as she is named top British PM

HE MAY have battled against the might of the Nazi war machine, but Winston Churchill was no match for the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, who was yesterday named the most successful prime minister of the 20th century.

Thatcher taken to hospital after feeling unwell

BARONESS Thatcher was admitted to hospital yesterday after complaining that she was feeling faint while at a hairdressing appointment.

670 guests celebrate Thatcher's 80th birthday

BARONESS Thatcher celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday with a few hundred of Britain's most powerful figures at a lavish drinks party in London's Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The lady still lords it

THE Baroness herself would approve the simple economics: you pays your money, and you takes your choice. So today, as the Queen and Prince Philip are due to join more than 600 guests at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London to celebrate the 80th birthday of Britain's first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher will be described either as a "frail and fading ghost" or saluted as "the iron lady", the woman who single-handedly rescued Britain from oblivion.

Iron Lady emerges to mark 25 years

BARONESS Thatcher yesterday celebrated the 25th anniversary of becoming prime minister - the first and, to date, only female incumbent of Downing Street.

Memories of Maggie

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's election as the first Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Tories pay tribute to the 'Iron Lady' 25 years after historic victory

SHE was without doubt a prime minister who was loved and loathed during her tenure in Downing Street.

What was the impact of the Thatcher years? It's too soon to tell

Timing is everything. I was recently asked by an American magazine to contribute to a symposium on "The Impact of Thatcherism", a feature to mark the 25th anniversary of Her accession. Having just been presented with a son - "We are a father!" - and now sleepless and inappropriately refreshed, I barked "No such thing" with at least some of the confidence with which the Leaderene once consigned "society" to the realms of illusion, and dangerous pinko illusion at that.

Letters reveal Thatcher's early political angst

LATER in life her resolve would win her the accolade the Iron Lady but papers released yesterday reveal that Margaret Thatcher did not always possess the same degree of forcefulness.

The party's over

VIEWED through a train window yesterday, Grantham seemed a shrunken place. An obscure town buried in rural Lincolnshire, it is a brief stop on the main railway line between London and Edinburgh.

Thatcher blow for 'new' Tories

BARONESS Thatcher has condemned the use of homosexuals in Britain’s armed forces, overshadowing efforts to relaunch the Conservatives as a more tolerant, One Nation party which embraces minorities.

Thatcher bows out of public life

BARONESS Thatcher, arguably the most significant political figure in post-war Britain, yesterday signalled the end of her public life because of failing health.

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