Thai prince offers to help settle plane row

THAI Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn has offered to use his personal assets to settle a dispute with a German firm that had a plane he uses impounded as part of a long-running battle with the Bangkok government.

Time up for crooks 'living the Thai-life'

MILLIONS of tourists without criminal records travel to Thailand every year, drawn by the good food, lively night life and crystal-clear ocean. Fugitives come for the same reasons, with a few more thrown in.

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Thai prince's royal flight is grounded

A PLANE being used by Thailand's Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn has been impounded in Germany as part of a long-running battle with the Thai government over payments for a building project in Thailand.

Business experience will help me rule, say new Thai PM

THAILAND'S next prime minister said she would draw on her exiled brother's ideas to help the country, but vowed she would not be his puppet.

Thitinan Pongsudhirak: Election shows Thailand moving into 21st century

THE thunderous results of Thailand's general election on 3 July will seem familiar to anyone attuned to the political upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa.

Cambodia exchanges fire with Thailand

TROOPS from Thailand and Cambodia exchanged fire at the countries' contested border again yesterday, marking the ninth straight day of clashes that have left at least 16 people dead and displaced nearly 100,000.

An endangered species

Over the past century tigers have disappeared from south-west and central Asia, from Java and Bali in Indonesia and from large parts of south-east and east Asia.

1,000 tigers 'killed in a decade' for illegal trade in prized body parts

MORE than 1,000 tigers have been killed over the last decade for illegal trade in parts such as skin and bones, and this is likely only a small fraction of the true numbers, a study by wildlife protection groups has found.

Sleazy street to easy street

SOMEWHERE in the world there may be a city with a more seedy reputation, a place more devoted to the sex industry and more notorious as a haven for criminals. But probably not.

Thailand to resume Cambodian links

Thailand it today set to resume diplomatic ties with Cambodia.

Beggars are taken to tusk in Bangkok

AUTHORITIES in the Thai capital Bangkok have said anyone caught handing bunches of bananas or sugar cane to elephants - proffered by their handlers in a ruse to make money - faces a $320 fine.

Briton caught in Thai riots freed

A BRITON involved in bloody anti-government protests was freed by a Thai court yesterday after pleading guilty to various charges, and will be deported within the next few days.

Briton in court tirade over Thai PM

A BRITON shouted abuse about Thailand's prime minister when he appeared in court yesterday charged over anti-government riots in Bangkok.

Thai police can detain 'Red Shirt Briton' for another three days

A THAI judge yesterday gave police three more days to investigate a Briton detained nearly a month ago for allegedly violating an emergency decree during recent violent anti-government protests.

Foreign Office relaxes Thai travel warning

THE Foreign Office has relaxed its travel advice for Britons planning to visit Thailand but warned visitors to continue to exercise caution in the capital, Bangkok.

Briton denies inciting Red Shirt riots in Bangkok

A BRITON arrested in Thailand after being filmed inciting people to burn down a shopping centre during the Red Shirt protests claimed yesterday he was "being stitched up".

Arrest warrant for Thaksin

A THAI court issued an arrest warrant yesterday for ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on terrorism charges, accusing him of fomenting two months of unrest in Bangkok that left 88 people dead.

No elections until violence ceases, warns Thailand's PM

THAILAND'S prime minister yesterday extended a night-time curfew in the capital and said he would consider early elections only after the violence that has racked the nation for the past two months is completely over.

Thai community voice fears for relatives

MEMBERS of the Thai community in Edinburgh have spoken of their concern for relatives and loved ones caught up in violent clashes in Bangkok that have left 70 dead since March.

Thai PM calls for unity as bustle returns to Bangkok

THAILAND'S prime minister yesterday made an emotional appeal to the country to heal the political wounds that divide it.

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