Terry Murden

Terry Murden

Terry Murden: Banks raise a glass to sale of non-core but valuable assets

Banks' sale of non-core assets is seeing some high-quality businesses going under the hammer, from train leasing companies through insurance giants to local pubs

Terry Murden: SSE will struggle to avoid Ofgem showdown

AMONG the regular takeover favourites Scottish & Southern Energy features prominently and the Perth-based utility has once again emerged as a candidate in a new round of European consolidation.

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Terry Murden: Wall Street may have celebrated but markets will focus on reality

BEING just a few blocks from the 9/11 attack on New York's World Trade Centre, Wall Street traders had particular reason to celebrate the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Terry Murden: Three cheers for a royal wedding worth every penny

AS PRINCE William kissed his new bride on Friday the nation divided into the romantics and those who denounced the royal wedding as a waste of public money.

Terry Murden: A matter of interpretation but nobody's happy at the latest news

RELIEF for George Osborne, or more ammunition for Ed Balls? The latest GDP figures can be interpreted any way you like but the bottom line is that the recovery is struggling to gain any traction.

Terry Murden: Manufacturing the recovery is a key job for UK's factories

BRITAIN'S factories appear to be doing their bit to drag the country out of the economic doldrums, though economists are divided on whether the upturn is sustainable or if it has already peaked.

Terry Murden: Tax the elephant in the room as banking report looms

SIR John Vickers will present the initial report of the Independent Commission on Banking tomorrow in expectation of a day of judgment from the political and business lobbies.

Terry Murden: King right to avoid putting Britain's fragile recovery at risk

IT WAS the worst kept secret in Europe. Portugal's admission that it has to seek a loan to resolve its creaking budget came as no great surprise, but it has raised the inevitable questions about Britain's exposure to the country's debt and whether Spain is waiting to follow suit.

Terry Murden: Tax hike may serve only to cap North Sea ambitions

Another day, another oil company warns about the impact of the Chancellor's tax raid on profits in the North Sea.

Terry Murden: Creating competition for the banks is easier said than done

A WEEK tomorrow the Independent Commission on Banking will give some guidance on how to widen competition among the high street banks.

Terry Murden: Northern's 'bad' arm is in profit, so shareholders scent opportunity

Shareholders in Northern Rock fighting for justice over the bank's nationalisation must be feeling a little more optimistic this morning after the so-called "bad bank" turned in better results than the "good bank".

Terry Murden: Disparate but closely linked, finance and renewables

IF THERE are two industries that represent Scotland's prospects, they have to be financial services and the renewables sector.

Terry Murden: Diageo begins the long haul back to public acceptance

Two years after its decision to close facilities in Kilmarnock and Glasgow, there is still some lingering bitterness towards multinational whisky producer Diageo, and for understandable reasons.

Terry Murden: Osborne's North Sea raid is ill-considered

GENERALLY speaking, it isn't any easier to feel sorry for an oil company executive than a banker. But George Osborne's tax raid on the North Sea has prompted a swell of sympathy for those providing the fuel for his economy drive.

Terry Murden: Low times on the high street will slow down UK's recovery

WHEREVER the Chancellor takes us on his journey to recovery and growth, he'll find the path paved with obstacles and they don't come much more difficult to overcome than the troubles still afflicting the retail sector.

Terry Murden: An enterprising effort, but Scots are left in the cold

IT WASN'T visible to the naked eye, but I'm sure George Osborne was wearing a Union Flag vest under his pale-blue shirt. All chancellors use the Budget for a bit of rabble rousing, but this was tub-thumping Rule Britannia stuff that sent a clear warning to the rest of the world not to underestimate good old Blighty while George is stoking the flames of the economy.

Terry Murden: George Osborne's task is to give away a little without spending a lot

'This is a Budget that will ignite Britain's economy and encourage enterprise. It will underpin our attempts to tackle the problems we inherited and put us firmly on the path from recovery to reform. Mr Speaker, this is a Budget for growth and I commend it to the House."

Terry Murden: Greenish shoots visible but winter frost could still hit housebuilders

BACK in recovery mode or merely clinging on? Housebuilders have not exactly turned the corner, but they're no longer heading in the wrong direction. Now it's over to Chancellor George Osborne to give them a little help on their way.

Terry Murden: Tesco may need a little help to break the banking mould

EVERY Little Helps, as they're fond of saying down Tesco way. Well, a few extra sales of financial products in its supermarkets might go some way to helping the company's nascent banking operation take off a little faster.

Terry Murden: George Osborne needs to wave his magic wand come next week's Budget

GEORGE Osborne's statement to the House of Commons next week is already being talked about as a Budget for Growth, though he'll need some super-strength remedies if he wants to shift the tone of the coalition's policies away from its focus on reducing the deficit.

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