Terrorism in the UK

Terrorism in the UK

The man who dissected terrorism dies at 74

TRIBUTES have been paid to Professor Paul Wilkinson, the Scottish academic and one of the world's leading experts on terrorism, who has died at the age of 74.

Islamic extremist jailed for 12 years after urging attacks on pro-war MPs

An IT graduate who posted messages on an Islamic extremist website, calling on Muslims to attack British MPs who voted in favour of the war in Iraq, has been jailed for 12 years.

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Killer's praise for English right-wing group emerges in internet postings

ANDERS Behring Breivik hailed the far-right English Defence League as "a blessing", it has emerged.

Oil giant plays down risk after rigs and HQ listed in chilling terror manifesto

BP HAS played down the threat to operations and staff in Scotland after they were named in the manifesto of alleged mass murderer Anders Breivik.

William Hague: Britain at risk

Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned that Britain's security forces may not be able to stop a Norway-style terrorist attack.

'Cyber-jihad' alert as May launches report on anti-terror plans

A CALL for cyber-jihad has been made by al-Qaeda amid a series of attempts by terrorists to "invade" Facebook, the UK government's new counter-terrorism strategy has warned.

Man suspected of spreading terror publications

A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested on suspicion of disseminating terrorist publications via the internet, police have said.

Minorities 'alienated by airport security'

OVER-ZEALOUS airport security threatens to exacerbate the terror threat by pushing those flirting with radical Islam over the edge, an MSP has warned.

UK terror alert level is reduced to 'substantial'

SECURITY measures at Scottish airports will be reviewed after the UK's terror threat level was lowered from severe to "substantial", a senior officer has revealed.

Peer warns UK is a terrorist hub

THE UK is "something of a hub for the development of terrorists", an independent government expert said yesterday.

Bombs in bodies warning for UK airports

TERRORIST groups are looking at placing bombs inside the bodies of airline passengers in an attempt to circumvent enhanced security, the US government has warned.

Fence hole chaos at Airport

Hundreds of passengers were stuck on planes at Edinburgh Airport for up to two hours as police investigated a "security breach" - believed to be a hole in the perimeter fence.

UK al-Qaeda fundraiser in court

A SUSPECTED terrorist fundraiser will appear in court today.

IRA killers ordered 'to leave no one alive'

IRA killers who gunned down ten Protestant workmen in one of Northern Ireland's worst atrocities were ordered to finish off their victims as they lay injured on a roadside, a new report has said.

Ritz and Eton on al-Qaeda terror list

The Ritz hotel in London and Eton College were among a number of possible terror targets being considered by senior al-Qaeda leader Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who was killed in Somalia last week.

More suspects on terror orders

The number of British terror suspects subject to control orders has increased to 12, the Home Secretary said yesterday.

Anti-terrorist funds went to extremist groups, says Theresa May

Government-funded anti-extremism projects must in future be targeted against forms of terrorism that pose the greatest threat to national security, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

Terrorists will 'outsource'

Terrorists will act like modern day multi-national firms outsourcing mass atrocity attacks, a military expert warned yesterday.

Top al-Qaeda figure dead, says minister

Pakistan's interior minister said yesterday that he was sure senior al-Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri had died in a US drone strike near the Afghan border.

Bomb threat as Queen's historic Irish visit begins

BOMB disposal experts today made safe a "viable" improvised explosive device near Dublin ahead of the Queen's visit to Ireland.

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