Teresa Hunter

Teresa Hunter

Teresa Hunter: Focus on fairness as the camera receipt never lies

THE Financial Ombudsman is taking a hard line over the increasing number of complaints coming its way about gadgets. More dissatisfaction is hardly surprising given the explosion in electronic gizmos we are all buying, but it is disappointing that retailers always have to push their luck.

Teresa Hunter: Banks' defeat in court is Pyrrhic victory for public

FRANKLIN D Roosevelt said: "The overwhelming majority of Americans are possessed of two great qualities, a sense of humour and a sense of proportion." Once upon a time, he could have been talking about the Scots.

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Teresa Hunter: Pru error has unAmicable outcome for ex-investors

IT'S been a high-wire week at the Pru. First, it emerged that some 39,000 former Prudential customers are to share a £4 million payout, because tax credits relating to investments between 2004 and 2008 were not paid into investors' accounts as they should have been.

Teresa Hunter: Don't give in to bankers' threats to flee the country

TOMORROW we will get a blueprint for the shape of banking over the next couple of decades, but I will bet you a fiver that in 20, 30 or 50 years, when we hit the next banking crisis, we'll look back on this event as one of the great missed opportunities of the 21st century.

Teresa Hunter: I'll believe in the universal pension plan when I see it

HERE'S a conundrum for you. Can you spot the odd one out? An election is coming. Universal peace has been declared, and foxes are poised to declare chickens a protected species.

Teresa Hunter: The Chancellor has time on his side - but not a lot else

I FIND Chancellor George Osborne divides people. To some, the accident-prone youth has matured into an intelligent man of stature, who has risen to the challenge of sorting out the train-wreck of our economy.

Teresa Hunter: More taxing times on the way as cuts begin to bite

CHANCELLOR George Osborne may take some comfort, as he puts the finishing touches to Wednesday's Budget, that Matthew was a tax collector before he became a saint.

Elderly excluded from credit and insurance

Getting cover for travel or driving, or even a credit card, can be a problem for older people

Cash in on battle of the credit cards

The best deals seen in years are emerging in a fight for new customers

Consumers must check small print to avoid warranty woes

Complaints about claims are rising

Teresa Hunter: Wars are likely to cease before the universal state pension becomes a reality

THE universal pension, good thing though it could one day be, always reminds me of that anthem of the peace movement, Donovan's Universal Soldier.

Boost for home buyers as 90 per cent loans return

NORTHERN Rock has become the latest lender to offer loans to home buyers with small deposits, as banks and building societies try to kick-start the property market.

Teresa Hunter: Don't make tax mayhem worse, George

NO TAXATION without representation is a cornerstone of democracy. But taxation with representation isn't much fun either.

Teresa Hunter: State employees have to accept pensions reform

PUBLIC sector workers are being softened up to expect a 3 per cent increase in their pension contributions, and a move to a career average rather than final salary scheme.

Teresa Hunter: Claws out as Mervyn the Mog takes on Sentance the Snake in clash over rates

A CATFIGHT has broken out, and I'm not talking about the war between Downing Street's new tabby Larry the Lion and Roland Rat.

Teresa Hunter: Going in circles over charges for card payments

I RECENTLY booked a flight with one of the budget airlines for 50p, or that's where the price began. Naturally, I wasn't so gullible as to believe that 50p is what I would end up paying.

Teresa Hunter: State workers must face pay squeeze

THE Green Budget from the Institute for Fiscal Studies caused a stir last week when it largely supported the Coalition's deficit reduction strategy but called on the government to create contingency plans in case things turn ugly.

Teresa Hunter: New slowdown in economy was no shock to shoppers

ON BOXING Day this column speculated that the icy weather had killed off the economy as surely as it did for Captain Oates ("Retailers feel chill as blizzards spoil spending splurge ahead of VAT hike"). How right we were.

Teresa Hunter: Will two Eds prove better than one?

FRIDAY was like Groundhog Day. Tony Blair going over Iraq for the umpteenth time and Ed Balls back in charge of Labour's economic policy. Every time you think you have finally shaken off the Blair/Brown years, they creep up behind and give you the fright of your life.

Teresa Hunter: Home truths point to price collusion by insurance firms

OUR household insurance premium has come in, and blow me down if it hasn't just doubled, which seems a bit steep. Steeper still is the fact that when we shop around, quotes all come in the same ball park.

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