Analysis: Must-have glamour outshines all rivals

Ever since the iPod launched in 2001, Steve Jobs and his team of designers have been perfecting the magic formula for desirability.

Apple takes large bite of market with record 30m iGadgets sold

ITS sleek, ergonomic products are status symbols that have transformed the way we communicate - but even after years of sustained success, Apple is still continuing to ripen.

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UK children are world's biggest tweeters

CHILDREN in the UK spend more time on social networking sites than their peers in other countries, new research has claimed.

North Korea takes propaganda war online to Twitter and YouTube

North Korea appears to have ramped up its propaganda war by turning to Twitter and YouTube - websites most citizens of the reclusive communist country are banned from.

Pope's visit Pinnacle of success for data outfit

POPE Benedict XVI's visit to the UK next month will be broadcast by the BBC using temporary audio and data networks set up by a Stirlingshire-based firm.

Modern digital network 'would cost less than a third of capital's trams'

INVESTMENT in Scotland's digital network is vital to prevent rural areas of the country becoming isolated, according to a leading think-tank.

Monster tidal turbine that will go with the flow unveiled in Scotland

THE world's largest tidal power turbine will be unveiled in Scotland today in front of more than 100 dignitaries from around the globe.

Computer giant ousts chief after false claims

COMPUTER giant Hewlett-Packard has ousted its chief executive for allegedly falsifying documents to conceal a relationship with a former contractor and help her get paid for work she didn't do.

BlackBerry agreement on data averts Saudi ban

AN AGREEMENT has been reached between the Saudi Arabian authorities and the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone that will avert a ban on the phone's messenger service in the country.

Apple barely bruised by iPhone furore

ANGRY Apple iPhone customers were told last night by the company's chief executive: "We're not perfect."

Award for prosthetics firm

A SCOTTISH prosthetics company has been named the most innovative company in Europe at this year's International Business Awards.

Scotland trails in research spending

THE SNP has been warned it is putting at risk Scotland's ability to emerge from recession, after a new report revealed that spending on research and development is lower per person than in the rest of the UK.

Web expert graduate returns to Napier – as professor

A SCOTTISH computer expert based in the United States is to take up a new role at an Edinburgh university.

Online shopping heats up with the weather – and the World Cup

ONLINE shopping reached its highest growth in two years, boosted by warm weather and the World Cup.

The mobile stays on when we switch off

HOLIDAYMAKERS may want to switch off from stress while on holiday, but many want to switch on to electronic gadgets.

Scot brings new dimension to 3D TV

IT'S become the must-see technology for cinema-goers and now it's about to enter living rooms through the family TV.

Anti-ID theft passport cover 'preys on fears'

A COMPANY which sells passport covers that claim to protect travellers from identity theft has been accused by the Home Office of preying on ungrounded fears.

Hi-tech robots give nurses helping hand

THE notion of an army of laser-controlled robots patrolling the corridors of a hospital sounds like a Doctor Who storyline.

£23m Dundee lab puts Scotland at the forefront in forensic science

SCOTLAND'S latest high-tech weapon in the fight to catch criminals and secure convictions officially opens today.

One in ten putting their security at risk on internet

ONE in ten internet users is surfing the web without security protection and putting their personal information at risk, a study has found.

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