Soldiers kill two at Syrian funeral

SYRIAN forces shot dead two mourners yesterday when they fired on a funeral procession in central Damascus for a ten-year-old child killed during a protest on Friday.

Bloodshed worsens as Syrian forces open fire on protesters

Syrian security forces opened fire on thousands of protesters yesterday, killing at least six people as soldiers tried to head off demonstrations by occupying mosques and blocking public squares, rights activists said.

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Syria: Fresh violence raises toll to 535

SYRIAN troops backed by tanks and helicopters have captured a high-profile mosque that had been controlled by residents in the besieged southern city of Deraa, killing at least four people.

UN human rights group acts to condemn use of deadly force

The United Nations' human rights body has condemned Syria for using deadly force against peaceful protesters and launched an investigation into the killings.

'We are not afraid' - Syrians keep up defiance of Assad

THOUSANDS of Syrians chanting "We aren't afraid!" took to the streets yesterday, calling for President Bashar Assad's downfall and pledging support for the besieged southern city of Daraa, at the centre of the revolt, where army tanks and snipers are trying to crush a six-week uprising.

Syrian ambassador has royal wedding invitation withdrawn

THE Syrian ambassador's invitation to the royal wedding has been withdrawn, the Foreign Office announced today.

Hague: Violent repression in Syria 'must stop'

FOREIGN Secretary William Hague today condemned "utterly" the bloody crackdown on protests in Syria and called for an end to violent repression.

Syria: Mourners killed after 76 die in clashes

SYRIAN security forces fired on tens of thousands of mourners during funeral processions, killing at least nine people as the mounting death toll prompted two Syrian politicians and a religious leader to resign in disgust.

William Hague hits out at Syrian deaths

Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned the killing of dozens of pro-democracy campaigners by Syrian security forces.

Good Friday Massacre stuns Syria

Syrian security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at pro- democracy demonstrations across the country yesterday, reportedly killing at least 72 people - one a young boy - in one of the bloodiest days of the uprising against President Bashar Assad's authoritarian regime.

Lifting of Syria's emergency laws dismissed as a sham

Syria's government approved the lifting of the country's nearly 50-year-old state of emergency yesterday, but opposition leaders dismissed it as an attempt by President Bashar Assad to claim reforms but maintain his hard-line rule.

Syria: Thousands call for more freedom after president's promises

Thousands of Syrians chanted slogans calling for greater freedom at Independence Day rallies yesterday, witnesses said, a day after President Bashar al-Assad promised to lift emergency law.

Syria: Student shot by security forces at Damascus demonstration

A DEMONSTRATION at Damascus University turned violent yesterday when Syrian security forces raided the gathering, killing one student, as the country's three-week uprising gathered strength, activists said.

Syria: Mourners shot dead after funeral

SYRIAN security forces opened fire on thousands of mourners yesterday in the southern border city of Deraa, following a mass funeral for 37 pro-democracy protesters killed on Friday.

Slaughter in Syria as Assad's forces fire on crowds

Syrian security forces opened fire on tens of thousands of protesters across several cities yesterday, killing at least 20 people, wounding hundreds and forcing residents to turn mosques into makeshift hospitals, witnesses and a human rights group said.

Freedom clashes raise Syrian death toll to 75

Thousands of Syrians shouting "We want freedom!" took to streets round the country yesterday, defying security forces who tried to clear them with gunfire, tear gas, and baton charges. At least three people were killed, bringing the toll from two weeks of protests to at least 75.

Stephen McGinty: Nation bleeds as Assad fights on

Syria's president will cling to his hereditary dictatorship, no matter what the cost to his people, writes Stephen McGinty

Syria: Authorities bid to ease protesters' anger with release of political prisoners

POLICE and soldiers pulled back from the southern city of Deraa yesterday and hundreds of political prisoners were set free in an attempt to quell rising anger in the wake of a government crackdown which left dozens dead.

Syria: Funerals and Friday prayers re-ignite anti-Assad protests

Protests spread across Syria yesterday, challenging the rule of the Assad family after government forces killed dozens of demonstrators in the south.

Fifteen shot dead as Syrian police besiege protesters

Syrian police launched an onslaught yesterday on an area sheltering anti-government protesters, killing at least 15 in an operation that lasted nearly 24 hours, witnesses said.

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