Sutherland report

Sutherland report

One-third looking to sell homes to fund retirement

One-third of people are relying on their property to fund their retirement but the majority will be unable to boost their income through selling their home, a study found yesterday.

Funding deal could resolve care dispute

THE long-running dispute that threatened the future of private residential and nursing homes could be over.

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Free care for elderly bill passed

LEGISLATION enshrining free personal care for the elderly passed its final hurdle in parliament yesterday.

Huge increase in elderly will stretch health service to breaking point

THE NHS could be stretched to crisis point by a huge increase in the number of elderly people predicted over the next 30 years, it was disclosed yesterday.

Joker sells his strange pack to the voters

IAIN Duncan Smith is sitting in the wood-pannelled rooms allocated to the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons. Behind one of the cupboard doors is a relic from one of the former occupiers, Tony Blair. It is a full-length mirror.


THE Scottish Conservatives have backed state provision of free care for the elderly since Sir Stewart Sutherland made his recommendations two years ago.

Duncan Smith points the way on ‘free’ care

THERE is no such thing as "free" state provision, even the provision of long-term care for the elderly.

Tories split over policy on free care

CONSERVATIVE leader Iain Duncan Smith last night signalled a major policy shift on Scottish Tory support for free care for the elderly, sparking an embarrassing row ahead of his trip to Glasgow today.

Elderly moved out in flu beds shortage

ELDERLY hospital patients are to be moved to community facilities up to 50 miles away to avert a bed-blocking crisis, it was revealed yesterday.

Homes to turn away elderly

THE entire elderly care sector in Scotland looks set to be paralysed within weeks, with the owners of the country’s private homes expected today to launch a campaign of action against local authorities.

Sticking plaster reforms will fail

EVERY family in the land is touched at some stage by the difficult and sensitive issue of elderly care. But there are so many problems and so many confusing overlaps of responsibility between different sectors and different organisations that it really does appear the present system is in danger of grinding to a complete halt.

Bill for elderly care increases by £50m

THE executive faces a demand for an extra £50 million to pay for care of the elderly in Scotland’s private nursing and residential homes, it was disclosed yesterday.

Labour in a shambles over free care for elderly

LABOUR was last night in disarray over the executive’s level of commitment to implement its policy of free personal care for the elderly.

First signs of executive U-turn over Sutherland

AMBITIOUS plans to provide free personal care for every pensioner in Scotland appeared to be under threat last night as executive sources revealed that they would only go ahead if enough money could be found from other budgets.

Elderly care plan stumbles over timing and funding

THE Scottish executive’s policy on free personal care for the elderly was thrown into further confusion yesterday when it emerged that ministers cannot guarantee a starting date for the plans.

Executive is ‘committed’ to elderly care despite delay

THE Scottish Executive and First Minister Jack McConnell remained committed to providing free care for the elderly despite the timetable for its implementation being put back until July, it was claimed today.

A new look at elderly care

HENRY McLeish’s decision to commit the Scottish executive to fund the personal care costs of every elderly person in Scotland was always going to be extremely ambitious. Irritating and poor politics, at least as far as the Labour machine at Westminster is concerned.

Show us the money

THERE are some unhappy comparisons to be drawn between the long-running saga of the Scottish Parliament project and the executive’s ambitious plans to provide free care for the elderly.

Cost of looking after elderly

THE executive’s plans to introduce free personal care for the elderly are the result of recommendations made by a UK-wide commission headed by Sir Stewart Sutherland, principal of Edinburgh University.

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