Supermarket Wine Guide - whites & sparkling

Supermarket Wine Guide - whites & sparkling

A way with Chardonnay: you should buy it by the case

Somerfield has more than 590 stores, including 54 in Scotland, and nine in high street or city centre locations.

A marathon, not a sprint, that will tantalise the palate

Apparently - and, for the drinker, very helpfully - one half of the UK’s population lives within 10 minutes of one of the Thresher Group’s stores, which include Threshers, Wine Rack, Victoria Wine, Bottoms Up, Haddows, Huttons and Drinks Cabin and add up to more than 2,000 shops.

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Don't have to spend a grand to enjoy a great Bordeaux

Waitrose, the food section of the John Lewis Partnership, was awarded the title of Supermarket Wine Merchant of the Year in 2003.

Whites and sparkling wines

It was a mixed experience tasting the wines to produce this guide. Quite often I asked myself just why such a bad wine was on any retailer’s shelf. Life is too short and one bad bottle is one of life’s bottles wasted. And why, oh why should we pay for someone else’s mistakes?

Losing your bottle in the wine maze?

"Welcome to our wine maze" should be a on sign erected high above the wine section of any large retailer.

Ten things every buff knows

AROMA: The fruit smells that are derived from the grape are blackcurrants, gooseberries and pineapples. The vinous ones that develop during fermentation are bananas, pear-drops, oatmeal and toast. These are known as the wine’s primary and secondary aromas. Many people think wrongly that aroma and bouquet are interchangeable.

Irresistible two-for-one from Chile is music to the mouth

Asda has 264 stores, with 34 in Scotland and a range of more than 550 wines. Trained staff can help and advise; ice can be bought in all stores; ‘buy six, save 5%’ applies to all wine and wine boxes and can be used on case deals at a 15% discount. Asda brand wines fall under the ‘200% guarantee’: customers returning a faulty product will receive both refund and replacement. All other wines are available on sale or return within 100 days.

You can't expect much better than the Tupungato for £6

Twenty-five of Marks & Spencer’s 341 stores are in Scotland, and Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh are included among their top 10 UK food stores.

The Riesling is stunning and the Chenin Blanc is a steal

Oddbins started small, delivering ‘Bin-Ends’ and oddments of wine to London’s restaurants and clubs.

Unscrew an explosion of taste from Africa's sea of serenity

Safeway’s wine is sold through its 480 stores, of which 119 are in Scotland.

A taste of honey that promises a treat for nose and palate

Majestic Wine Warehouses, with 109 stores across the UK, including seven in Scotland, is the largest wine warehouse in Britain. It specialises in the sale of wine by the mixed case direct to the public and the minimum purchase is 12 bottles. Shopping here is flexible and convenient: free car-parking, ordering by phone (01923 298200),

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