Summer reading

Summer reading

Reading activity is out of this world

AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD initiative to fire the imaginations of primary school pupils and improve literary skills is being launched at Our Dynamic Earth tomorrow.

Chapter and verse

IT IS a historic market town on the Galloway coast, home to aound 900 residents, a malt whisky distillery - and a quarter of a million books.

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Reading, willing and able

Let’s be upfront about this. There is a chance that what you read here might irredeemably spoil your holiday. It might make you selfish, uncommunicative, lazy, moody, and possibly even a bad parent. The sights you have spent a whole year saving up to see on your summer holidays might go unseen or unappreciated, the guidebooks unread, the hinterland unexplored, the delights of the regional cuisine barely tasted.


The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me

Big in japan

Samurai William

You can always rely on the classics

LOUNGING by the pool with a cocktail and nothing on your mind might seem like the ultimate in holiday relaxation, but after a while most of us crave something rather less vacuous. So, why not use your time to catch up on those classics you’ve always meant to read?

Plenty of wizard sequels on offer

IT’S a summer of big-hitting sequels from authors whose novels have put children’s books back in perspective following the hysteria of the past five years. We know there is to be no new Harry Potter novel this year, but there are plenty of inspired alternatives for the fussiest of readers.

Through a glass darkly

A meat-and-two veg, both-feet-on-the-ground, blinkered literalist might have problems with Alice Thompson. Not the woman herself - she is as likeable and friendly as you could hope to meet in a long day of author-interviewing - but the way her novels lurch away from the familiar, from the ruts our minds usually trundle along when reading fiction.

Audio books

The Girl at the Lion d’Or

Scottish books in brief

The Culture of Protestantism in Early Modern Scotland ****

Pain in the Ukraine

Everything Is Illuminated

The browser

WHAT happens when you have a culture without books? The Big Brother household, where books are banned, and the contestants have demonstrably nothing of interest to say to each other, offers a horrifying clue.

Nature of the greens

Rising Tides

The judge’s dread

The Emperor of Ocean Park

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