Summer Festivals 2008

Summer Festivals 2008

Festival's virtuous circle - Loopallu

Ullapool's Loopallu event, just three years old, remains small but perfectly formed and its bands and its atmosphere are both close to the hearts of the local community, finds Olaf Furniss

Small event with a big glow - Tartan Heart Festival


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One hell of a racket - Broken Records interview

Comparisons with Arcade Fire are inevitable, but homegrown indie band Broken Records are on the cusp of being a big noise in their own right, singer Jamie Sutherland tells Aidan Smith

Under the radar: Next leg of the festival circuit takes Broken Records northwards

• Olaf Furniss and Derick Mackinnon report from the underground music scene in Scotland

T in the Park tents dumped in landfill, not sent to needy

THOUSANDS of tents abandoned after T in the Park have been dumped in landfill, it emerged yesterday.

Music review: Latitude Festival


Best small music festival


Continental drift for music festival fans

THOUSANDS of Britons who are fed up with mud, soaring ticket costs and the sky-high price of beer are heading to the continent for music festivals.

Man stabbed at T in the Park was 'innocent victim'

A YOUNG man stabbed at Scotland's biggest music festival was an "innocent victim" who was attacked as he tried to protect a female friend, police said today.

80,000 old friends pop in to rock Balado

IT'S five past eight in the morning, and it'll be a good 10 hours or so before the band themselves even consider taking to the stage. But the roaring masses up the back of the double-decker bus careering out of Edinburgh's St Andrew Square bus station don't give a damn.

T in the Park: Lightspeed Champion review

OTHERWISE known as ex-Test Icicle Dev Hynes, Lightspeed Champion has the 'geek-chic' look down to a T as he comes on stage clad in a grey fur hat, oversized specs, a checked shirt and a a long cardigan.

T in the Park: Kate Nash review

On a main stage bill dominated by indie boys (and, let's face it, indie oldies), Kate Nash is a welcome breath of Fifties-flavoured fresh air.

Dunstaffnage: Popup

Popup headline the main stage the Dunstaffnage festival, near Oban, on Sunday 20 July.

FACT FILE: Dunstaffnage

Another gem on Scotland's independent festival circuit, Dunstaffnage has got the bands, the atmosphere - and the sunsets - to make for a memorable weekend.

T in the Park: Biffy Clyro review

THE theme is red, black and white. Red for the skinny jeans, black for the tattoos and the electric guitars, and white for the bare, pasty torsos. Who else could it be but Ayrshire's own Biffy Clyro?

T in the Park: Gabriella Cilmi review

YOU could feel the anticipation at the near-full Futures Stage this afternoon as the crowd cheered for Gabriella Cilmi, the Australian 16 year-old who is currently taking the pop world by storm.

T in the Park: Eddy Grant review

"GOOD morning," Eddy Grant says at fifteen minutes past midday, "it seems like you've been asleep up here. We're gonna wake you up". And so the reggae legend, who made his Scottish festival debut yesterday as the first act on the main stage, kicked off T in the Park 2008.

T in the Park: Will Young review

AM I in the right place? I've checked my programme at least a dozen times and it tells me that, yes, Will Young, former Pop Idol winner and housewife's choice of the nation, is about to walk on stage. So, what's with the warm-up tune that sounds like it's more fit for the terraces than for this soft soul crooner?

T in the Park: The Pogues review

WALKING on stage with his fag defiantly in hand, flames on shirt (not from his cigarette, although the state Shane McGowan was in last night it felt like merely a matter of time), the Pogues frontman made his entrance and in one, short, puff cost T in the Park a fine or flouting the smoking ban on Scotland by lighting up in an enclosed space.

Stage right for the best on the bill

Kaiser Chiefs or Rage Against The Machine? The Prodigy or REM? Jonathan Trew guides you through what not to miss at T in the Park

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