Dozens killed in southern Sudan

More than 80 people have been killed in clashes between rebels, civilians and police in southern Sudan in the latest violence in the oil-producing region that will become independent in July, the army said yesterday.

Israel accused over fatal air strike

Sudan has accused Israel of being behind an air strike against a car driving along the coast on Tuesday night, in a case believed to involve weapons smuggling to militants in Gaza.

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Military build-up in Sudanese oil region

Sudan's north and south have brought in heavy weapons to disputed Abyei, militarising the tinderbox oil-producing region, the UN peacekeeping mission's force commander has said.

100 orphans taken hostage during Sudan gun battle

More than 100 orphans - the youngest only a month old - were trapped between fighting forces over the weekend when rebel troops battling Southern Sudan's army invaded an orphanage.

Genocide warning for south Sudan

A SOUTH Sudanese official has accused the north of planning a Darfur-style genocide in the south, in an escalation of rhetoric less than four months ahead of the secession of his oil-producing region.

Police face beatings and abuse in Sudan

THE medic said patients started coming in by the dozens and never stopped. The symptoms were similar - acute stomach pains, bloody noses, diarrhoea, high fevers, bruising. One came in shot in the leg.

UN police trainees 'raped and beaten to death'

POLICE recruits in Southern Sudan were sexually assaulted, forced to stand for hours in the blazing sun and even beaten to death as part of a training programme funded by international donors, UN investigators have found.

Sudanese man admits to al-Qaeda charges

A SUDANESE prisoner held at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay admitted he trained al- Qaeda recruits in Afghanistan and pleaded guilty yesterday to terrorism charges.

Fears after death toll in South Sudan soars to 211

Attacks by a renegade militia in south Sudan's Jonglei oil state killed at least 211 people, a minister for the region has said, doubling earlier estimates of the death count.

Profile: Quiet man in a cowboy hat carries a nation's hopes

Many people feel South Sudan's best hopes of a peaceful birth lie in the consensus-building skills of its unassuming leader, Salva Kiir.

South Sudan cheers independence vote while fears of violence fade

South Sudan voted overwhelmingly to declare its independence in final results of a referendum made public yesterday, opening the door to Africa's newest state and a fresh period of uncertainty for the fractured region.

Mutiny by Sudan troops leaves at least 50 dead

A MUTINY by Sudanese troops refusing to leave the south ahead of its expected independence has spread through towns in an oil-producing state, with at least 50 people killed in the past four days, officials said.

Analysis: Death and destruction continue in Darfur as the world has its mind elsewhere

THE eight-year struggle in Sudan's barren western Darfur region has joined the ranks of Africa's neglected conflicts as the world has shifted its attention to southern Sudan's independence.

South Sudan dares to hope for peace with independence vote

South Sudan overwhelmingly voted to split from the north in a referendum intended to end decades of civil war, officials said yesterday, sparking mass celebrations in the southern capital Juba.

Sudanese decide fate of country

A HANDFUL of voters cast ballots yesterday in the final day of Southern Sudan's week-long independence referendum.

Andrew Heavens: Careful balancing act on the cards for a solo south Sudan

SOUTH Sudan will want to strengthen ties with sub-Saharan Africa, the West and beyond after its expected secession, but will have to tread carefully to avoid antagonising its old rulers in Khartoum.

Sudan: Violence mars peaceful independence vote

AT LEAST 30 people have been killed in violence in the Abyei region, on Sudan's north-south divide, officials said yesterday.

Sudan on the verge of new dawn as voters turn out for split referendum

Under a cloudless sky and amid a festival atmosphere, millions of southern Sudanese voted yesterday in a referendum likely to create the world's newest nation.

Southern Sudan votes in breakaway poll

IT IS a referendum that has come to be known as "The Final Walk to Freedom": a symbolic journey for the people of Sudan who fought in decades of war, whose homes were bombed, and whose lives have been shattered.

Bashir floats idea of post-secession pact

North and South Sudan could join forces in a European Union-style pact if southerners vote to secede in Sunday's referendum, president Omar Hassan al-Bashir has said.

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