Stuart Adamson

Stuart Adamson

Aiseirigh as dèidh Stuart Adamson: tha pop-roc le blas Albannach be"

Se droch àm do rocairean a bh' anns na 80an. Cha robh anns a' phrìomh dhà fhichead aig an àm ach ceòl pop làn siontasàiseir agus bhathar ag ràdh gun robh an giotàr air a dhol bàs.

Tributes paid to Big Country star

BIG Country singer Stuart Adamson was last night remembered at a tribute concert at one of Britain’s most famous music venues.

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Fans remember Big Country star

A MEMORIAL service was held last night to celebrate the life of Stuart Adamson, the former Big Country singer who hanged himself in his hotel room in Hawaii shortly before Christmas.

‘This is Your Life’ service for Big Country singer

A MEMORIAL service for Stuart Adamson, the Big Country frontman who killed himself in a US hotel room, was due to be held today.

Autopsy shows star was drunk at time of suicide

THE musician Stuart Adamson was drunk when he committed suicide in a hotel last month, an autopsy in Honolulu has established.

Battle over Adamson’s fortune after wife severs contact with family

THE wife of the former Big Country singer Stuart Adamson, who until his death was filing for divorce, is now locked in a bitter battle over the Scottish star’s million-pound estate.

Back on Top Of The Pops

When Elvis Presley died I was in my bedroom, listening to John Peel.

Hogmanay memories of Adamson

IT was a great shame to read of the death of Stuart Adamson (News, December 17), but somehow it didn’t really sink in until I started seeing his picture next to George Harrison’s in all those end-of-year obituaries.

Stuart Adamson

Stuart Adamson, rock singer, songwriter and guitarist


1958 - Stuart Adamson is born in Manchester on 11 April, but is brought up in Crossgates, Fife.

Stuart Adamson’s legacy

STUART Adamson, lead singer of the Big Country group and Scotland’s answer to Bob Dylan when it came to powerful yet haunting lyrics, is no longer with us, at the age of only 43.

Rock stars who self-destructed

STUART Adamson has joined a long list of rock stars who pressed the self-destruct button and died well before their time.

Distinctive sound and a passion for music

STUART Adamson’s main contribution to popular music was his notorious "bagpipe" guitar sound, which graced such rousing, rugged Big Country hits as Fields Of Fire and In A Big Country.

Big Country star found dead

SIX weeks after disappearing from his home, the rock musician Stuart Adamson has been found dead in a £55-a-night hotel room in Hawaii.

Rock Star Adamson dies in hotel.

ROCK star Stuart Adamson, lead singer of 1980s pop group Big Country, has been found dead in Hawaii.

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