City restaurants sign-on to help homeless at holidays

A RECORD 80 restaurants have signed up to a scheme to help the homeless in the city this Christmas.

Help put on the menu for city homeless

DINERS in Edinburgh will be asked to donate £1 to their restaurant bill in August to help the homeless.

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Smart scheme tackles homelessness

EDINBURGH restaurants will ask customers to donate £1 with every meal to help homeless people.

Edinburgh restaurants raise £16,500 to help homeless

RESTAURANTS in Edinburgh have raised £16,500 for a variety of homeless charities under the StreetSmart initiative.

Homes chief slams right to buy plan

THE Scottish Executive has been urged to scrap plans to extend council tenants’ right to buy to housing association properties.

Help for homeless on the Christmas menu

DINERS in the Capital will be given the chance to help the homeless during the festive season by paying a little extra on their bills.

Dishing out goodwill

When patrons of the Forth Floor restaurant in Harvey Nichols enquire about the origin of the £1 tacked onto their bill, Matthew Halsall points out the window to the cold streets of Edinburgh. Hundreds of men and women are sleeping rough tonight, explains the restaurant and brasserie manager, and the pound is there to help. Few diners refuse the voluntary contribution to StreetSmart, which launches its annual appeal, supported by The Scotsman, this week.

How a night out helps the homeless

SCOTLAND’S restaurants were urged to show compassion yesterday when a charity which supports the homeless through restaurant dining launched its annual campaign.

Homeless: not a pleasant role to play

Gary McCormack hasn’t been homeless for a while now but the experience seems to have left its mark on him. For days, he can’t be contacted. He’s in his native Edinburgh, but no-one knows where he is. He’s got a house, but it doesn’t have a phone. He’s got a mobile, but it doesn’t have a message service. It seems as if the actor has just vanished. "This is what he’s like all the time," sighs his agent.

Where the money goes

LAST November and December, StreetSmart raised a total of £258,494. Since the scheme began in 1998, the total money raised (some £711,000) has gone to a number of charities, all of which are individually selected each year and visited by a StreetSmart representative.

Tip the balance to help

The image of a hungry face pressed up against the window of an expensive restaurant has been used in fiction for centuries.

No more excuses: Nicole Carter's story

NICOLE Carter, 27, is homeless and currently based at Edinburgh Cyrenians Farm Community, where she is getting her life back on track.

Those proud to serve

Andrew Radford, owner of the Atrium and Blue, Edinburgh

Streetsmart: How it works

THE beauty of StreetSmart is its simplicity. It is an innovative, easy fundraising scheme which works during the holiday months when people begin to think about those less fortunate than themselves.

Eating out this month? Then eat StreetSmart

"The Scotsman is delighted to be lending it's full support to StreetSmart." Iain Martin, Editor, The Scotsman.

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