Stephen Jardine

Stephen Jardine

Stephen Jardine: A warning from the pages of history that spiralling food prices can lead to revolt

Earlier this week the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers said the recent English riots could not have been anticipated. That's not quite true.

Stephen Jardine: When every day showcases a festival of food the sense of celebration can be easily lost

IN AN age of plenty, when it comes to food and drink, few in this country have to do without.

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Stephen Jardine: Home supper clubs hit the right tastebuds with adventurous - and nosey - diners

Name your favourite restaurant. Like me, you probably have a handful of places you've been visiting for years and rotate through your affections based on nothing more than whimsy. But that's dull. Especially if you work in the food and drink business; people want to learn a secret.

Stephen Jardine: We can't compete on eating out so it's time to follow France and cut restaurant VAT

IF YOU want to see the real impact of the recession, look inside almost every Scottish restaurant.

Jardine snaps into different role for News

AFTER almost two decades in broadcasting you would think Stephen Jardine would be past doing work experience.

A swathe of converts

THE worst is over. With the brighter mornings and lighter evenings come the first signs of life in the garden and the sense that eating Scottish will soon be easier.

Stephen ready for teatime challenge

The former Evening News columnist is set to take on Richard and Judy with live STV show

It's been a privilege to write about the Capital

AS the old year draws to a close, two Scots will be viewing the new year very differently. Alex Salmond is probably sad to see the back of 2007.

Quality time together is the greatest gift of all

SOME say Christmas isn't what it used to be. The critics blame the rise in consumerism and binge drinking for the festive season losing its sparkle, but the reality is that someone has always been saying the same thing.

Only high street offers soulful shopping trip

HAVE you done your Christmas shopping yet? With just 12 days to go, the clock is ticking. Sadly for high street shops, it looks like

It's tempting to run away from the present

I ONCE ran away from home. I was about ten years old, so I took everything a boy that age needs to cope with long-term survival in the big, wide world.

What's the cost of our 'special relationship'?

IMAGINE this. You're accused of a fraud you say you didn't commit. No-one wants to prosecute you here but the Americans decide they want you to face justice. You're extradited to the United States and put in handcuffs and leg chains on arrival.

Why we need to listen to voice of youth


Observing silence is very least we can do

THIS Sunday, an old man in a wheelchair will attend his local Royal British Legion service of remembrance. It is a picture that will be repeated around the country, but Harry Patch is very special. Aged 109, he is the only surviving veteran of the First World War to have served in the trenches in France. He is the last of the last.

The night community has a ghost of a chance

SO were you a killjoy, or the life and soul of the party? Did you lay out the tablet and toffee apples and warmly welcome the ghosts and the ghouls? Or did you close the curtains, extinguish the lights and hide in the kitchen cursing every ring of the doorbell?

Paparazzi mentality is dragging us all down

POOR Hugh Grant. Normally the actor doesn't elicit much sympathy but it's hard not to feel a little sorry for the floppy-haired fop.

It's our city leaders who can't handle their drink

TWO men stabbed outside a nightclub, another badly beaten in the city centre and a third knifed outside a city pub and left paralysed from the waist down. Even in Glasgow that would be a rough tally for a weekend but in Edinburgh it represents a frightening escalation in city centre violence.

Now honesty's the only policy for broadcasters

MANY years ago I entered a Blue Peter competition in the hope of receiving a coveted badge. I didn't win but that was no surprise. The kids who collected a prize in the studio always seemed a bit too smart and well spoken to come from my part of the world.

Nobody should be indebted to people like Dave

TODAY I can exclusively reveal the identity of the man responsible for the current banking crisis. I hope he faces the wrath of the world because he deserves everything he gets. It is none other than the smug and loathsome bloke in the TV adverts for the Picture Loan company.

We need answers after black day for Scotland

IT has hung over Edinburgh like a dark cloud for 30 years. The World's End murders were part of the fabric of this city. Not the nice, friendly face the tourists like to see but the dark, sordid underbelly that made the fictional life of John Rebus so believable to those of us who live here all the time. The horrific crime seemed destined never to be solved.

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