Stephen Byers

Stephen Byers

Byers tells MPs he is sorry - again

STEPHEN Byers, the former Labour transport secretary, yesterday made his second apology to the Commons in four months in the wake of the collapse of Railtrack.

Byers to apologise to MPs over Railtrack

STEPHEN Byers, the former transport secretary, will today be forced to apologise to MPs for telling "mistruths" to parliament about the collapse of Railtrack.

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Byers no liar to parliament

FORMER transport secretary Stephen Byers was today cleared of lying to MPs over the collapse of Railtrack but was rebuked for trying to justify an incorrect answer and told he should "apologise unreservedly".

Byers referred to standards and privileges committee

STEPHEN BYERS, the former transport secretary, was yesterday referred to the House of Commons standards and privileges committee over claims he misled Parliament about Railtrack.

Byers faces referral to conduct inquiry for Railtrack 'untruth'

MPS are today set to give the go-ahead for a formal investigation into the integrity of Stephen Byers, the former transport secretary.

Tories go on attack over Byers 'untruth'

THE Conservatives last night vowed to pursue Stephen Byers over his admission that he told an "untruth" to MPs over the collapse of Railtrack.

Former regulator defends Byers

THE former rail regulator Tom Winsor has leapt to the defence of the former transport secretary Stephen Byers in the wake of the Railtrack court case.

Byers to face MP's probe over rail company 'untruth'

STEPHEN Byers is facing a parliamentary probe after a High Court judge yesterday ruled that the former transport secretary had told an "untruth" to MPs about the collapse of Railtrack.

Railtrack shareholders lose compensation claim

Railtrack shareholders have lost their compensation claim against the Government after accusing former Transport Secretary Stephen Byers of killing off the company to rob them of their investments.

Byers to face Commons inquiry over Railtrack lie

STEPHEN Byers, the former transport secretary, yesterday failed to avert a Commons inquiry into his admission that he did not tell MPs the truth about the collapse of Railtrack.

Government plan to 'buy off' Railtrack shareholders with £1 billion

THE government had been prepared to pay Railtrack shareholders £1 billion to "go quietly", a High Court judge has been told.

Labour in special adviser review

LABOUR yesterday responded to concerns thrown up the "Byersgate" fiasco by announcing an independent review of the government spin machine.

Railtrack shareholders to sue Darling

TRANSPORT Secretary Alistair Darling is to be sued by angry Railtrack shareholders who claimed they were cheated out of £1 billion by his predecessor Stephen Byers.

The night minister dropped his guard

STEPHEN Byers was a wanted man when he stepped off the train at Cardiff station on 2 February to attend Labour’s spring conference. The Jo Moore saga was still raging - the press was baying for his blood.

Byers on holiday with partner as affair puts him back in spotlight

STEPHEN Byers was holidaying with his partner, Jan Cookson, last night after admitting he cheated on her with a Labour councillor.

Shareholders lose out in Railtrack payout deal

A QUARTER of a million Railtrack shareholders were told yesterday they will get between 245p and 255p for their shares in the rail network operator that Stephen Byers collapsed controversially into administration last October.

The rail crash victim taking on Labour

WHEN Pam Warren appeared on television two weeks ago to accuse Stephen Byers of misleading parliament, few of those watching connected her with the woman who, two years earlier, had agreed to appear before the Cullen inquiry into the Paddington rail crash.

Survivor demands Blair e-mail apology

ONE of the survivors of the Paddington train crash launched a scathing attack on Tony Blair yesterday over his government’s "despicable and sneaky" attempt to discredit a group of rail safety campaigners.

Committee head ‘put the final knife’ into Byers

JOHN PRESCOTT yesterday accused Gwyneth Dunwoody of "sticking the final knife in Stephen Byers back" by releasing a report condemning government transport policy.

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