Star Wars

Star Wars

Not so far, far away… Star Wars heroes meet again

IT MAY have been a "long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". But the cast of Star Wars were reunited for a rare appearance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of sequel The Empire Strikes Back.

Police reveals it has 8 Jedi in its Force

A Scottish police force appears to have some Star Wars fans in its midst, after eight of its officers recorded their religion as "Jedi", it was revealed today.

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Arrested you are, say Jedi officers

A POLICE force appears to have some Star Wars fans in its midst, after eight of its officers recorded their religion as "Jedi", it was revealed yesterday.

Darth Vader's blade best-loved

THE light-sabre has been named the favourite movie weapon of all time in a poll.

Darth uses the force for good

HE IS the supreme villain of the universe who has terrorised generations of film-goers. But now Darth Vader - aka veteran actor Dave Prowse - is set to appear at a Star Wars fancy dress party in Edinburgh to raise money for the Sick Kids hospital.

Star Wars among favourite films

FILMS like Star Wars and Dirty Dancing are the ones we like to watch again and again, according to a new survey.

Stamp collectors feel the force of US Postal Service

IN A move which begs the slogan, 'may the parcel force be with you', Ewan McGregor has been made the new face of the US Postal Service.

Forceful bidding for Jedi cloak

THE cloak worn by Sir Alec Guinness as Jedi knight Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars sold at auction for £54,000 in London yesterday.

Attack of the clones? Lucasfilm empire is ready to strike back

NEARLY 30 years after their debut, the Imperial Army is set for battle again. The instantly recognisable white helmets and armoured spacesuits worn by the stormtroopers in the Star Wars trilogy have entered into movie history.

Star Wars creator Lucas set to give up 'risky' films for TV dramas

GEORGE Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, is getting out of the movie-making business, saying that big-budget releases are too risky, that Americans are abandoning cinemas and that the future of film will be smaller-budget releases distributed over the internet.

Star Wars fan gets phonecall from Princess Leia

WHEN Star Wars fan Brian McGeachan watched Princess Leia on the big screen as a child, he never dreamt he would receive a personal phone call from her more than 20 years later.

Stellar price for Star Wars scrap

TWO helmets used in the original Star Wars movies and recovered from a studio skip have been sold for nearly £20,000 each.

Lucas begins work on Star Wars TV series

George Lucas's film company opened a digital animation studio in Singapore yesterday and said it has started work on his latest project - a television series based on Star Wars.

Star Wars pirates charged

EIGHT people in the United States have been charged in connection with the illegal release of the final Star Wars film, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, before its May cinema première.

May the £25,000 fancy-dress cloak be with you

THE original cloak worn by Sir Alec Guinness in Star Wars has been found in a fancy dress shop.

A slimmer Star Wars

THE entire original Star Wars trilogy has been reduced to a one hour, one-man stage show in New York.

Final Star Wars film takes box-office record

THE latest Star Wars movie has taken the record for highest box-office film earnings on an opening day.

Two suffer horrific burns in Star Wars laser stunt

TWO young Star Wars fans were critically ill in hospital last night after a homemade "lightsaber" blew up and showered them in burning petrol.

Star Wars lacks force in China

THE latest Star Wars epic opened in China with a lot of space but not much force.

Franklin exhibit feels the Force of snub

A FAMOUS museum in the United States has provoked the ire of historians after turning down a Benjamin Franklin exhibition to show one on Star Wars instead.

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