St Andrew's Cross

St Andrew's Cross

Brave new world

A HAPPY St Andrew's day to you from Scotland on Sunday. May it be an enjoyable one. The way we celebrate our national day doesn't quite live up to the American razzmatazz of July 4 or French pomp of July 14 (the inclement time of the year certainly doesn't help).

Ultimatum on flags is seriously silly

AUGUST used to be known as "the silly season". There was, it was thought, a shortage of "real news", and so newspapers were on the look-out for odd or even improbable stories.

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'Fly Saltire higher - or army has to go'

IT BEGAN as a rallying call for patriotism and escalated into a fight for Scottish freedom. Now the battle over whether the Saltire should fly higher than the Union flag has breached the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle.

Clouds halt mission to fly Saltire in space

THE Nasa mission to take a Saltire from Edinburgh into space and back was delayed today due to bad weather.

Saltire's mission to the stars

A SALTIRE that has flown over the Scottish Parliament is to be blasted into space by a British astronaut on Thursday.

From Armenia to Zambia... welcome to Planet Saltire

Key quote "This celebration of Scotland beyond our borders reflects the way we have always looked to the rest of the world to share values and cultures, exchange ideas and develop trade." - Jack McConnell

Darkness and light

THE FIRST RELIGIOUS PAINTING that Peter Howson produced was Christ on the Cross. The small limp figure, one of his first oils, was painted in 1964, when he was six. It was snapped up by his uncle, Bob Smith, making him the earliest patron of the budding Scottish artist.

Howson's new show brings saint tale to life

EDINBURGH is to play host to a major exhibition by one of Scotland's best-known painters - whose fans include Madonna, David Bowie and Jack Nicholson.

Makeover for flagging centre

A MAJOR makeover is being planned for a Lothians visitor centre celebrating the history of the saltire.

Let's have a Scottish version of Union flag, says historian

A SCOTTISH historian yesterday called for the country to adopt its own Union flag, different from that flown south of the Border, to reflect separate national identities across the UK.

Say halo to saints in Andrew's shadow

ALONG time ago in a faraway land, lived a humble fisherman named Andrew. He never visited Scotland, indeed it's debatable whether he even knew Scotland existed. Yet in a few days' time, Scots around the world will celebrate his life.

Saintly aid at the battle of Athelstaneford

NINTH century Scotland didn't really exist as a unified nation. The Picts ruled over much of the east and north, while the Scots ruled out of the Kingdom of Dalriada (now Argyll) in the west. What is now known as the Lothians belonged to neither Scots nor Picts and was in a constant state of flux between the Angles and the "Picto-Scots".

Flying the flag for stuff of legends

SCOTLAND has two flags. There is the Royal Flag of Scotland, displaying the red lion rampant on a yellow background, which should, strictly speaking, only be used by a reigning monarch in his or her capacity as King or Queen of Scotland. The design is thought to be based on an older flag first used by King Alexander II or his father, William the Lion.

Nationalists flag up fury over Saltire

SCOTTISH Nationalists have accused parliament bosses of following rules from Westminster which ban the Saltire from being flown permanently outside the new building at Holyrood.

Flagging up Saltire costs £300,000

MINISTERS were berated yesterday for spending £300,000 of taxpayers’ money to find out that the Saltire is the best symbol to promote Scotland abroad. The Executive’s political opponents, as well as flag experts, expressed disbelief at what they described as a waste of public money.

Symbolic waste of money

IT IS out with the old and in with the new in the all-change world of St Andrew’s House. After an exhaustive search, the Scottish Executive has found an inspiring new symbol for the nation. The search has cost £300,000, involved no less than four marketing consultancies and will be confidently unveiled by Jack McConnell, the First Minister, this week. In a bold statement of cultural post-modernism, it features a thrilling white diagonal cross on a blue background. It is called ... the Saltire.

Scotland's new symbol found...the Saltire

SCOTLAND has an inspiring new symbol - created using £300,000 of public cash - to promote the country abroad. It features a white, diagonal cross on a blue background and will be called... the Saltire.

Immigrants to swear oath in front of the Saltire

IMMIGRANTS living in Scotland who want to become British citizens will have to swear an oath of allegiance before the Saltire, under government plans revealed yesterday.

Fans' flag day as giant Saltire goes on show

THE world’s largest saltire was being officially unveiled today at the home of Scottish rugby.

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