Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka begins to count its elephants

Nearly 4,000 wildlife officials and volunteers will watch from treetop huts near reservoirs and watering holes in Sri Lanka's first national count of its dwindling wild elephant population.

Sri Lanka says civilians were 'unavoidably' killed during Tamil war

SRI Lanka has admitted it was impossible to avoid all civilian casualties during the final offensive to wipe out the Tamil Tigers in 2009.

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Tigers roar again as Tamils' political party romps home in local elections

SRI LANKA'S Tamil minority has voted overwhelmingly for a political party acting as a proxy for the defeated separatist Tamil Tiger rebels, in local elections held in areas ravaged by the country's 25-year civil war.

War-weary Tamils go to the polls

VOTERS in Sri Lanka's northern Tamil heartland trickled to polling stations yesterday to elect local councils following the country's long civil war.

Chris Stephen: President hits out after UN accuses regime of murders

SRI LANKA'S president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has called for mass rallies on May Day in opposition to a leaked UN report that accuses his administration of systematic war crimes against Tamil separatists.

Sri Lanka seeks to eradicate 'British'

Sri Lanka has decided to remove all remaining references from state institutions to its British colonial name Ceylon.

Opposition leader's jail term confirmed

Sri Lanka's president Mahinda Rajapaksa approved a 30-month jail term for former army chief and political rival Sarath Fonseka yesterday.

Sri Lanka army chief convicted of fraud

A SRI Lankan military court yesterday convicted a former army chief who ran for president on the opposition ticket of fraud. He could be sentenced to jail time.

At least 25 dead after 'accidental' explosives detonation in Sri Lanka

Three containers filled with explosives meant for road construction detonated outside a police station in eastern Sri Lanka yesterday, killing 25 people, most of them police officers, in a blast government officials called an accident.

Sri Lankans vote for an unlimited presidency

Sri Lanka's parliament voted to remove limits on presidential terms yesterday in a move critics fear could lead to dictatorship.

General stripped of rank for challenge to Sri Lankan president

GENERAL Sarath Fonseka, the architect of Sri Lanka's final victory over Tamil separatists, was stripped of his rank and military honours by court martial yesterday - the price he paid for daring to challenge the country's increasingly authoritarian president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Angry demo as official tied to tree

HUNDREDS of state government workers in Sri Lanka staged protests yesterday against a government minister who tied an official to a tree as a punishment for failing to attend a mosquito eradication programme.

UN staff trapped by protesters

Hundreds of protesters, led by a government minister, laid siege to the United Nations compound in Colombo yesterday, refusing to let workers out in an effort to force the world body to cancel its investigation of alleged abuses committed during Sri Lanka's civil war.

Human rights row loses Sri Lanka trade access

SRI Lanka is to lose its preferential trade access to the EU next month after the Indian Ocean island nation refused to make written pledges to improve its human rights record.

Sri Lanka set to probe abuses

SRI Lanka's government is to investigate alleged human rights abuses during the 25-year civil war that killed an estimated 80,000-100,000 people.

Sri Lanka leader vows fair trial for Fonseka

SRI Lanka's president has promised to follow due process in the sedition investigation of the defeated presidential candidate and ex-army chief whose arrest has pushed the island nation into political turmoil.

Opposition leader held as new poll announced

SRI Lanka's president dissolved parliament yesterday, clearing the way for new elections a day after authorities arrested the leader of the opposition.

Losing candidate held in Sri Lanka

SRI Lankan authorities arrested former army commander and losing presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka yesterday.

Action not words will count over detained Tamils

FIVE months after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka is trying to come to terms with its post-war problems.

Sri Lanka army shoots civilians

SRI LANKAN soldiers wounded two civilians when they fired on war refugees trying to flee a camp in the north of the island.

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