Text-a-Squirrel scheme aims to track city's native reds

EXPERTS hope a simple text message could help save a small group of red squirrels under threat from greys in a Scottish city.

'Refuges' to protect red squirrels

A SERIES of "strongholds" to help protect red squirrels from their grey cousins will be set up across Scotland.

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Killing grey squirrels only solution, says head of cull

THE head of a project that kills grey squirrels has defended the tactic as the only viable option to stop the native red species disappearing from Scotland.

Red alert as disease kills 100 native squirrels on Scots estate

ABOUT 100 red squirrels have died after an estate was struck by Scotland's largest outbreak of a lethal pox.

No more grey areas as cull is agreed

THOUSANDS of grey squirrels in Scotland will be trapped and killed under new plans drawn up by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Prince's red alert on red squirrels

RED squirrels could die out in the UK within ten years unless urgent steps are taken to help them, Prince Charles warned yesterday.

Island haven for reds to squirrel away

A SCOTTISH island is to be turned into a refuge for red squirrels to help them survive the onslaught from their grey cousins.

Majority of the population support grey squirrel cull

ALMOST seven out of ten people think grey squirrels should be controlled in the UK, according to a survey.

Park feeds wolves 'recycled' squirrels

IT'S A brush with death that has provoked both howls of approval and protest. Grey squirrels are being literally thrown to the wolves at a Scottish wildlife centre.

'This is the last chance' as battle lines are drawn in war against grey squirrels

A WAR on grey squirrels in Scotland will begin next week on an unprecedented scale, with a new plan to exterminate thousands of the animals.

Star home for red squirrels

THE family of West End lyricist Sir Tim Rice have offered a home to 32 red squirrels to help efforts to protect the iconic species in Scotland.

Death to the greys as exterminators get tough on squirrels

WHO ya gonna call? Squirrel busters! A national network of exterminators is being formed to help "squeamish" householders have grey squirrels in their gardens killed.

Bid to save red squirrels expands to North-east

A GOVERNMENT-led campaign to protect red squirrels from the relentless advance of their American cousin, the grey squirrel, is to be launched next year in the reds' stronghold in the north-east of Scotland.

I'll drown squirrels as they drive me nuts!

A FORMER Royal Botanic gardener says he is prepared to face the law in his one-man war against grey squirrels.

Squirrels put new housing plan at risk

RED squirrels could force a developer to drop plans to build houses in woodland within the Cairngorms National Park.

Forget red squirrels, let's worry about really endangered species

SCOTLAND'S red squirrels are being threatened by the invading grey with its deadly pox. The Forestry Commission is establishing 20 red squirrel refuges. In the south of Scotland a corps of squirrel-protection officers, armed with traps and rifles, will wage war against the greys. Scottish Natural Heritage wants £1.7 million to cull them.

Mass cull of grey squirrels wins minister's backing

SCOTLAND'S environment minister has thrown his weight behind plans to kill thousands of grey squirrels to protect their red cousins from extinction.

Red squirrel find may halt Cairngorms housing plan

A MAJOR housing development in a Highland village could be halted, by red squirrels.

Tufty's saviour to the rescue

THEY have been vilified as a pest, persecuted for centuries and hunted for their fur.

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